Housing & Residential

Housing & Residential

Securing Needs. Building Communities.

LSS provides housing and necessary support services with the purpose of building vibrant communities that contribute to the greater good of individuals and families.  We hold tenant and partner relationships in trust as we work together to improve the places where people live, work and play.

Nicole's Story of Home

Single mom Nicole was thankful to have found our Rapid Rehousing services. She was nearing the end of a three-month substance use treatment program but did not have stable housing options. Nicole was in imminent need of food, rental and utility assistance, and household items.

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Housing Services

Affordable Housing

Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS) offers a variety of Housing Programs to fulfill our vision of healthy communities for all ages, needs and incomes.
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Financial Counseling

LSS Financial Counseling offers an array of services that will assist in developing financial literacy. These services include the following areas of expertise. Budget and Debt Counseling A certified financial counselor will assist in evalu...
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Rapid Rehousing & Rental Assistance

Having a place to call home is something most people take for granted. For others, it's often a dream. Our rapid rehousing and tenant-based rental assistance programs can turn these dreams into reality. 
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Refugee Resettlement

LSS accepts and recognizes all people and their special attributes. We embrace diversity as we help to holistically integrate individuals and families into their new homes, neighborhoods and communities.
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Service Coordination

The service coordination program is designed to promote and support self-sufficiency and independence of those individuals residing in properties, facilitating a variety of support services within the residential communities throughout Wisc...
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Skill Building

LSS team members provide skill-building as a subcontractor of a certified county, tribe or managed care organization, and in alignment with an individual’s service plan.
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Housing Services For Veterans

Since 1994, Lutheran Social Services has partnered with Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans achieve stability, increase their skill levels and/or income, and obtain greater self-determination that will enable them to r...
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Youth Residential

We have a long, rich history of serving the troubled and at-risk youth of Wisconsin through youth residential treatment centers featuring various programs that meet the needs of youth through residential treatment, including counseling and ...
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554 Communities Served

Service Coordination provided for 1,697 residents

Over 93% of those residents stated they remained or became connected to their community.

LSS Properties

LSS properties serve individuals across the two states, including those living with a physical or cognitive disability. At available locations, our Service Coordination program provides connections to enhance and prolong the independence of our residents. 

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Payment Portal

Conveniently submit monthly rent payments for LSS properties.

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LSS Client Grievance Resolution Process

Before treatment is begun, Lutheran Social Services (LSS) must inform you of your rights as a client of LSS and how to use the agency’s grievance process, as stated below.

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RRH Termination of Assistance Policy

The termination of assistance policy is a specific component of a Housing First approach which aims to minimize barriers to maintaining housing. Assistance is terminated as a last resort and in severe cases that jeopardize safety, or are non-compliant with regulations, laws, or the signed lease agreement.

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Eviction Prevention

Are you at risk of becoming homeless due to COVID-related economic hardship? Lutheran Social Services can help with resources and possible funds if you meet the income requirements.

Eviction Prevention

Housing Information

If you’re interested in applying for one of our HUD subsidized apartments, please fill out the form below to receive application materials or download our housing application here. You can also call our housing hotline at 414-246-2304 to request the application material.

Welcome Home is a referral-based program, please reach out to your county Health and Human Service department for more information. 

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