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One Body 

As one body of Christ we fully appreciate the Divine design of our “many parts” to bring God’s love to those most in need.  With the blessed support of congregations we, together, achieve the goals of our mission and vision.  As the social ministry partner of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) LSS partners with over 600 ELCA congregations and many more of other denominations to strengthen families, heal communities and create avenues for belonging.

Our partnerships include a variety of activities that are mutually beneficial, including several options for Communication, Service and Financial Support Opportunities.

The Power of Prayer 

We lift you up in our prayers and give thanks for your support, your ministry and our partnership. We thank you for remembering us in your congregations’ prayers as well.

Partnerships with LSS

We’d love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to us at

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For information on individual, corporate or congregational giving, please visit our donate page, or you can mail donations to:

Lutheran Social Services of WI and UP (or LSS)

PO Box 88868, Milwaukee, WI  53288

“Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

Giving Opportunities

Congregational Budget – Congregations often place LSS in their annual budgets with either a designated amount or as a percentage of offerings. Doing so helps a congregation serve people through LSS in a consistent and planned way.

Grants – Some congregations have special endowments that offer outreach and service grants for special programs or projects. Giving in this way helps congregations focus on projects central to their missions.

Special Events – Congregations will sometimes design a special project such as a marathon/run, or pancake breakfast that raises funds to strengthen our service to others. This is a great way to engage the wider community and draw people to the congregation’s campus.

Volunteer Opportunities – As LSS continues to grow our volunteer experiences your members are invited to give of their time and talent to support social ministry. Volunteers may serve on a board or committee, to write notes of encouragement to struggling clients, assist with special projects and more.

Special In-Kind Donations – In some of our communities partnerships provide unique sharing of resources. Whether it be donating the use of unused office space or providing meals to a program on a regular basis, creative solutions in specific communities allow for a unique connection between congregations and LSS. 

Friendly Referrals – Of course we are here to serve you and the wide variety of programs and services offered by LSS will likely coincide with the needs of some congregation members.  By better understanding the array of offerings LSS has, congregation members can help link those services to those who can benefit by sharing a personal recommendation. 

Partner with LSS

Website and Social Media Links

LSS can link with your congregation’s website and social media so that people can easily click between both organizations. This can increase internet traffic and therefore visibility for the congregation and LSS.

LSS Facebook Page

Quarterly Congregational Updates

LSS can email a brief monthly update, usually including a video describing the impact of the support of congregations. This can easily be copied to congregational media, such as a bulletin, social media or e-news so that more people learn about ways to meaningfully engage in service.

Illuminate Q3 2023

Worship & Fellowship Time Media

LSS can provide print or links to short program highlights pertinent to your synod’s area which can be included in bulletins or displays at church, allowing members of the congregation to learn about ways to serve and be served in the local area.

LSS Refugee

LSS Sunday/Saturday

LSS can send or virtually connect staff or board members during worship time to be educated on the impact of their gifts of time/talent/treasure/ties to support this important social ministry. Options may include: sermons, children’s sermons, temple talks, coffee hour presentations, etc. and can be tailored to the specific needs/interests of the congregation.

Financial Support Opportunities

Special Event Presentation

LSS can provide a speaker to address your group gathered for an event other than worship (women’s groups, conferences, etc.) to educate about ways to serve and be served through our social ministry.

Clergy Appreciation


LSS can arrange a tour for your group to learn more about our programs which strengthen families, heal communities and create avenues for belonging. This has the potential to inspire people to strengthen and begin ministries in congregations that help the people we mutually serve.

LSS Aspen Center Tour