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Dan and Lauren

Family Information

Full Names:  Lauren and Dan 

Lauren, 34

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Anthropology, Master of Social Work (MSW)

Occupation: Director, Community Impact, nonprofit organization

Dan, 35 

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and Environmental Studies, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Occupation: Director of Quality, nonprofit healthcare organization

Number of Years Married:  7.5

Number of Children: 0

Religion: Lutheran (Lauren), Catholic (Dan)

Child Care Plans: Lauren will stay home for 3 months and Dan will stagger his leave to extend it for a bit beyond the 3 months.  After that, Lauren's mom only works part time, and will watch the baby when she’s available and the rest of the time the child will be cared for by certified/quality child care provider.

Pets and Names: Josie (dog), Lulu (puppy), Lilly (cat)

Ethnicity: Dan: Irish and German, Lauren: German and Polish

Home/Neighborhood/Community: City

Years lived here:  Four most recently (Lauren grew up here)

Describe the community/Neighborhood  We're lucky to own the home of our dreams, on a quiet street, in a diverse neighborhood with big old trees, numerous parks and playgrounds and close to fun things to around town like the lakes, the zoo and farmers markets.  We have quick access to things we love to do, but it feels like it is a little secluded which we love as well.  Our house has room for a good sized family, a big fenced in backyard perfect for playing or relaxing, and as of last year, a front yard which we turned into a big garden which is always a good place to talk with neighbors who are walking by.  We share our home with a spunky yellow dog named Josie, a black lab puppy named Lulu, and a chubby gray cat named Lilly, who keep us entertained.

Family Traditions: Our family traditions and time together mean a lot to both of us.  Since our families are spread out, we treasure the times we can all get together on vacations. We get together with all of Lauren’s family at her Aunt’s lake house in Virginia every couple years. Dan's brother and our sister in law also have a lake house in Missouri where we enjoy getting together every year in August.

Every year Dan goes on a fishing trip with his brother and Dad and his Dad’s college friends.

Dan grew up going to Florida and Colorado for family vacations in the summer.  Lauren grew up going to Colorado every year to ski.  We look forward to continuing those traditions with our children.  We're fortunate that Lauren’s parents own a ski condo so we always have a place to stay in the mountains. 

Holidays: We usually celebrate Thanksgiving here in Wisconsin with Lauren's parents, and Christmas in St. Louis with Dan's family. 

Vacations: We love to travel, we go to Colorado a few times a year, and we go camping and canoeing in Wisconsin as often as we can.  We have been to many parts of the US and love to travel internationally when we can.  We recently went to Ireland and loved it!  We just got back from a week of getting out of the cold and visiting Lauren's grandma who lives in Florida for part of the year.  We love to visit National Parks and open spaces.

Family Gatherings:  see family traditions. 

Family Favorites


Adoptive Mother

Adoptive Father


Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey






Giordano's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

TV Show:

Game of Thrones



Hiking, camping, skiing, biking, being outside

Skiing, hiking, camping, canoeing, gardening


I love all animals!  Cats and Dogs

Dogs, cats, chickens, buffalo






Tie - Spring and Fall

 Adoption Preferences 

Issues we are open to discussing:

  • Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Alcohol use during pregnancy
  • Drug use during pregnancy
  • Clinical depression in birthparents
  • Mental health issues in birthparents
  • Developmental disabilities in birthparents
  • Limited or no information about birthfather
  • Conceived through forced intercourse
  • Assist birthparents with expenses (as allowed by Wisconsin state law)

Open Adoption

Ethnicity: Open to any child

Ongoing Contact: Open to all forms of contact

Open to states other than Wisconsin. 

Dear Birth Parent,

We are so excited to be on this path to growing our family and sharing our love for life, each other and all of the people and the fun adventures in our lives with a child.  Please know how much we respect you and thank you for considering making an adoption plan and considering joining us on a lifelong journey.  After many years of struggling with unexplained infertility, we came to the conclusion that adoption is the best way to create our family.

We first met in college almost 15 years ago, we’ve been best friends and nearly always at each other’s side ever since.  We got married in 2007, and we’re excited to begin building a family and sharing our love through an open adoption.

On the weekends and outside of work you will find us running, biking, skiing, gardening, hiking with our dogs, camping, canoeing, traveling or fishing. We also love to watch sports, St. Louis Cardinals baseball in the summer, Green Bay Packers or UW Football in the fall, and UW basketball in the winter (we have season tickets with Lauren's parents).  We are active people who love doing these things together and love spending time outdoors and can’t wait to share our love for these activities with our children. 

We complement each other well and we try every day to support each other, and strive to be good, honest hard-working people, serving others and working to make our community a better place for everyone.  We know that we have so much love to share with a child, and while it's impossible to say exactly what the future will bring, we can promise that no matter what, we will always love and care for the child (and hopefully children) in our family, we will bring them up to be good people and to be strong and work hard, and that we will always honor, love and respect his or her birth parents that have given them life and given us the opportunity to build our family, and that we will honor and follow through with our commitments and your requests as part of the open adoption process.


For more information, contact: email Laura Nedeau-Owen, Lutheran Social Services Adoption Counselor

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