Nicole’s Story of Home

Published Sep 17, 2020
By: LSS Staff

Every day, LSS Case Managers and Counselors hear stories of how one job loss, medical expense or house payment left an individual or family homeless.

Single mom Nicole was thankful to have found our Rapid Rehousing services. She was nearing the end of a three-month substance use treatment program but did not have stable housing options. Nicole was in imminent need of food, rental and utility assistance, and household items.

“Nicole is just this amazing human who came from a really rough background and rough childhood, said Kim Frost, Case Manager and 30-year veteran of LSS. “She has worked tremendously hard to go in a positive direction. LSS was able to help Nicole move from homelessness to stability in a relatively short period of time.”

Additional supportive services including job search help, child care, substance use counseling, etc. gave Nicole the skills and confidence she needed to gain independence, become self-sufficient and achieve goals for her and her children.

LSS provides Rapid Rehousing and Supportive services in multiple locations throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Our need is great and growing as the number of our homeless neighbors continues to rise.

A gift of $100, $500 or $1,000, LSS can effectively address emergency needs for moms like Nicole who need a positive lift when they are most in need.

And your gift does not end with LSS. It carries through with the people we have the privilege to serve.
Nicole recently completed a health worker training program and is on her way to becoming a Peer Recovery Coach/Counselor.

“I am inspired to help others,” said Nicole. “People who judged me in the past didn’t see the whole picture. LSS came through for me. Some people might not believe it like I can’t believe Nicky is here but I am.” LSS and Kim recently helped Nicole find a car which will allow her to secure employment and ease the burden of transporting her two kids to school and other activities.

“If it weren’t for LSS, I’d be in jail, I wouldn’t have my kids and I’d be using again.” When you give to LSS, individuals and families become stronger and are better able to use their God-given gifts to serve and heal the communities around them.

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