Season 2, Ep. 1: Amplifying Sector Voices for Change and Impact

Published Mar 15, 2023
By: Tim Muma

High-impact leaders get real In the Ring with Héctor Colón

Jody Levison-Johnson, PhD, LCSW

Jody Levison-Johnson, PhD, LCSW has over 30 years of experience in human services. She currently serves as the President and CEO of Social Current, an organization focused on advancing the work of the social sector through collaboration, innovation, policy, and practice excellence. Social Current brings together human/social service organizations and partners to leverage their collective experience and research from the field to drive continuous evolution and improvement.

Jody is a longstanding champion for systems change which results in the ability for individuals and communities to thrive. Over several decades, her career has crossed a variety of settings including private providers and state and local governments. Much of her work has focused on cross-sector alignment to benefit children, youth, and families. Jody’s experience leading system reform efforts across the country has prompted her interest in the environmental contexts that surround leadership of deep change in social and public systems.

Jody holds a Master of Social Work degree from Syracuse University and a Master of Arts and PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.

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