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Chad and Val

For more information, contact Nikki Brooks at Phone: 715-552-2464 or

Family Information

Full Names: Chad Mitchell & Valerie Christine

Number of Years Married: 5

Number of Children age(s): None

Religion: Lutheran

Child Care Plans: Chad will stay at home full time

Pets and Names: Koda (black lab), Nika (Chocolate lab), cats- Raja, Kefira, Dexter Dean

Ethnicity: Caucasian

City Type: Suburb

Years lived here: 3

Community/Neighborhood: 20 minutes from anything we want/need but quiet neighborhood with big yards and wooded areas.

Other: Very close to bike/walking paths, walking distance to Val’s parents and Grandma

Holidays: Halloween is a week-long event combined with Val’s birthday. Always decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving with Xmas movies and Val’s siblings. New Year’s Eve we set a budget & goals for the coming year. Easter we go to church and lunch. Then have a modified Easter basket hunt w/ the dogs.

Family Gatherings: Thanksgiving & Christmas is always at our house with Chad doing all the cooking.

Other: “Sibling Sunday”- Val’s three siblings will come over for dinner Sunday nights. Fido Fun Run with dogs- fundraising event for Humane Society.

Family Favorites

  Adoptive Mother Adoptive Father

Too many to list!!

Wheel of Time by
Robert Jordan

Color: Purple Green
Food: Anything with CHEESE Steak
TV Show: Don’t watch T.V. House
Hobby: Decorating, Scrapbooking, hiking Hiking, photography
Animal: ALL!


Game: Baseball, volleyball Soccer, volleyball
Season: Fall


Other: Spending time with our dogs and my siblings Enjoy cooking, baking and working in the yard and on the house.


Adoption Preferences

Ethnicity: Caucasian / Asian / Hispanic / Native American

Ongoing contact - Open Adoption:Open to all forms of contact; Open to all forms of contact / Letter and Photos / In-Person Visits

We are Open to Discussing: Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, Clinical depression in birthparents, Mental health issues in birthparents, Developmental disabilities in birthparents,Conceived through forced intercourse, Conceived through incest, Limited or no information about birthfather

Location of Birthparents:We are open to a birthparent only in Wisconsin.  To learn about all the states we are open to, contact Nikki Brooks at Phone: 715-552-2464 or  

Dear BirthParent,

Thank you for taking the time to consider out family! We admire your courage and wish you the best! We are Chad and Val. We met in 2004 through mutual friends and were married two years later. We tried to get pregnant for many years, with and without fertility assistance, before we decided that adoption was right for us.

The basis of our marriage is communication; resulting in a foundation of honesty and trust into which we would like to welcome you and your child. We love our life together but feel unfulfilled as a family without having children of our own. We have strong ties to family, friends, and community; with plenty of room in our hearts for kids! We belong to a Lutheran Church that Chad has gone to for his entire life, and Val grew up with both Methodist and Lutheran religions.

We love animals and nature, and have two dogs which are basically our kids right now! We enjoy time with family and long-time friends. Val’s three siblings are frequently at our home and we are within walking distance of Val’s parents and grandmother.

Values we can offer as parents are: spiritual faith, spending time with family, giving back to the community, respecting animals and nature, learning and education, and allowing kids flexibility based on their personality and interests.

We look forward to meeting you!

Chad & Val

6737 W. Washington Street
Suite 2275
West Allis, WI 53214

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