Brian and Heidi
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Brian and Heidi

For more information, contact adoption social worker Jazmin Lamar by email at  or by phone at 414-246-2725.

Family Information

Names: Brian and Heidi 
Married: 3 years

Children: None

Religion: Lutheran (ELCA)

Child Care Plans: After both of our parental leaves Heidi’s mom, a licensed childcare teacher, will provide care in our home.  Brian also works from home, so he is able to be at home for most of the day. 

Pets and Names: One cat, Oliver. 

Ethnicity: Heidi - German and Polish, Brian - Native American and Polish 



First Name:  Brian, 34 years old

Education: Bachelor of Arts – History

Occupation: Account Manager

First Name:  Heidi, 34 years old

Education: Bachelor of Social Welfare and Master of Business Administration

Occupation: Partner Relations Consultant



City Type: Suburban

Years lived here: We’ve always lived in the Milwaukee area but just bought our home in Brookfield three years ago. 

Describe the community/neighborhood: We love our neighborhood as it’s still close to the city but we’re just blocks away from great hiking trails and great little park.  We live right across the street from our church and just a little too close to an ice cream stand which makes a great walk in the summer time! 


Family Traditions


For Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving we always have several large family gatherings and eat a lot!  We make sure to spend time with each of our families, including traveling to Illinois to spend time with Heidi’s grandpa and other extended family.  One major tradition both Brian and Heidi’s families have is needing to have cheesy potato casserole without fail!  We enjoy going to church for holidays and Heidi plays in the bell choir for holiday services.  While Brian enjoys Christmas and Thanksgiving the most for family and food, Heidi likes Halloween the most for the opportunity to dress up in costume and hand out candy. 

Family Gatherings

It is a weekly tradition to have dinner with all of Brian’s brothers and their families, which is always an enjoyable time to spend with our nieces and nephews.  Since Heidi’s cousin just recently moved to the area from California during the weekends we enjoy spending time with Heidi’s parents and cousins seeing things around Milwaukee, such as going to farmer’s markets or going to the museum or zoo.


Every year we take at least two camping trips with Brian’s family, one trip up north and one trip to Yogi Bear or a similar campground where our nieces and nephews can have a lot of fun.  The two of us also take our own camping trip once or twice throughout the year to state parks across Wisconsin – or farther, such as our recent camping trip to Yellowstone.  Together we also love traveling to places where we can see the Brewers play on the road, including Spring Training in Arizona which was a lot of fun!


Family Favorites


Adoptive Mother, Heidi

Adoptive Father, Brian


Harry Potter series

1912: Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft and Debs – The Election that Changed the Country





Chicago deep dish pizza

Wings & BBQ

TV Show:

Trashy reality TV

The Middle



Christmas Vacation

Musical Group:

The Beatles

Chris Stapleton


Knitting or Barre class






Tennis / Baseball



Adoption Preferences


We are excited to include the birth family in our lives and in our family as you are comfortable. We believe that the more family and love a child has in their life, the better. We are open to sharing photos and communications as well as scheduled visits.


Birthparent Letter 


Thanks for taking the time to look at our portfolio.  We’re Brian and Heidi.  This picture is us on an average Sunday, just relaxing and spending the afternoon with family, something that is an important tradition for us.

But a bit more about us…We’re seeking to parent through adoption because of our love of family.  Brian comes from a large, fun family and Heidi comes from a small but close family.  We’re excited for our opportunity to provide this same love and support for a child and to start our journey together as parents. Being parents to our cat, Oliver, just isn’t cutting it these days!

Heidi works for a software company serving the insurance industry as a Partner Relationship Consultant. Brian is a Regional Account Manager also for a software company, that serves auto dealerships.  We live in Brookfield, Wisconsin in an old 1900’s farmhouse that provides us with a long list of projects that we like to work on around the house.  Heidi especially likes to spend time gardening, and Brian likes working in the yard and spending time on our new patio. 

We both very much enjoy being outdoors, in particular, hiking and camping.  We recently took an amazing camping trip to Yellowstone and we look forward to even more camping vacations.  We are both actively involved with our church; Heidi plays in the choir and Brian plays on the church dartball league and is the church webmaster.  In the rest of our spare time Heidi likes reading, knitting and going to the gym and Brian likes cooking and playing and watching sports.  

Our plans for childcare are that following Heidi and Brian’s parental leaves from work, Heidi’s mom (a licensed childcare teacher) would provide care within our home. Brian’s job also allows for additional flexibility as he works from home.  Regarding open adoption, we’ve learned a lot through LSS and we’re excited to include you in our lives and in our family as you are comfortable.  We believe that the more family and love a child has in their life, the better.

We truly appreciate your consideration and we honor the decision you’re making.  The love that you’re demonstrating by your selfless action is astounding and admirable.  

Best wishes,
Heidi and Brian

For more information, contact adoption social worker Jazmin Lamar by email at  or by phone at 414-246-2725.

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