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Aaron and Kate - PLACED


For more  information, contact Carrie Pederson at (414) 304-6977 or

Family Information

First Name: Aaron Wesolowski

Age: 35

Education: Bachelor Degree from Marquette University in Milwaukee

Occupation: Marketing Associate at a health and wellness company

First Name: Kate Wesolowski

Age: 38

Education: Attended University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 

Occupation: Vice President of Talent Acquisition at a Midwest financial institution

Number of Years Married: 3 years

Ethnicity: Aaron is Polish. Kate is Irish.

Number of Children with age(s) and adopted / biological: 0

Pets and Names: We have two cats. Stella and Bean.

Religion: Catholic

Child Care Plans: Kate plans on taking a full three-month leave from work upon the arrival of our child, with Aaron having the ability to take at least two-weeks off. Aaron’s employer, a family-owned health-and-wellness company provides a top-notch, on-site day care facility which we will utilize. Kate has a flexible schedule and is able to work from home several days per week. To help fill in the gaps, we have close family members that live nearby who are all EXTREMELY excited to look after our little ones at every opportunity. 

Home/Neighborhood/Community: We live on a bright, tree-lined, parkway just outside of the city of Milwaukee. The parkway provides a safe, active atmosphere with a true sense of community. 

Years lived here: 9 years

Describe the community/Neighborhood: Our house sits in the middle of a large parkway, where we literally look out to trees, a small river and open fields. Since the parkway is 3 miles long the neighborhood is very active, lots of runners, walkers and dogs.  We meet a ton of people just by sitting on our front porch. Our backyard has a huge patio that we use to entertain friends and family. At night, the patio glows from the lights we hung throughout the yard. Our neighborhood is truly something special to us....located in the middle of the city, but with the feel of the north woods.

Family Traditions

Our family is BIG into traditions! Below are some of our favorites.

  • Annual Family Calendar featuring photos from the previous year
  • Third Ward Christmas Tree Lighting and ornament exchange
  • Badminton Memorial Day Party
  • Easter Basket Hunt
  • Milwaukee Christmas Parade
  • Halloween Dress-up Party
  • Airshow at Bradford Beach
  • Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Family Kickball Game with make your own team t-shirts

Holidays: Holidays are extremely important to our families, and we take the opportunity to celebrate each one in a special way. The Christmas season typically kicks-off in November with a family gathering at the Milwaukee Christmas Parade. December continues with a family ornament exchange, an annual It’s a Wonderful Life viewing party…not to mention family feasts and gift exchanges. Holiday traditions don’t stop when the weather warms up. From our annual Memorial Day party for family and friends, to Easter egg hunts for our nieces and nephews, to a yearly family costume party on Halloween, we make sure each holiday holds its own special memories

Vacations: We love to explore and attempt to travel to a place we’ve never been at least once-a-year. This past spring, we took our first trip to California to hike along the cliffs and oceanfront near San Diego. For our honeymoon we explored Paris and the French country side. Our favorite vacation yet took us to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. The drive was amazing and the daily hikes were life changing. We cannot wait to teach our children to appreciate nature the way we do. Next stop…a driving tour of coastal Maine!

Family Gatherings: We literally see our family every weekend. It seems like there is always a party or get together.  Some of the fun things we like to do with our families: the zoo, pool parties, grilling out or making dinner together, State Fair, Summerfest, bonfires, music in the park, fish fries and ham and roll Sundays.

View Aaron and Kate's adoption website.

Family Favorites


Adoptive Mother   

Adoptive Father


Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel  Silverstein

On The Road by Jack Kerouac





Sushi Rib-eye steak

TV Show:

Top Chef Sports


Kickboxing, photography, yoga,  hiking and travel

Cooking, softball, live music, home  improvement projects


Giraffes or my kitty Stella Grizzly bears or my cat Bean



Trivial Pursuit


Fall or Summer Fall


Spending time with our 7 nieces  and nephews Family time!


Adoption Preferences

Issues We Are Open to Discussing: 

  • Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Clinical depression in birthparents
  • Mental health issues in birthparents
  • Conceived through forced intercourse
  • Limited or no information about birthfather
  • Assist birthparents with expenses (as allowed by WI state law)

Ethnicity:  Open to any child

Ongoing contact: Open to all forms of contact

Open to children from Wisconsin and other states

Dear BirthParent,

Dear BirthParent,

First and foremost, THANK YOU! It is difficult to express how appreciative we are that you are even reading this letter and considering us as parents for your child. Although we could never truly understand the emotions you are feeling or comprehend the weight of the decisions you are making, we can definitely say that we are eager to meet you, hear your story and learn about you as a person.

We are Aaron and Kate. Our road to seeking an open adoption is a somewhat familiar one. Kate was adopted as an infant and has always known that she was adopted. She feels such gratitude towards her birth mother for providing a safe life for her. Long before our marriage, we dealt with the reality that, when it came to starting a family, natural childbirth was not an option. Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32 years old, and while she has been cancer-free and extremely healthy for over 7 years, the aggressive treatments took away her ability to conceive. Although breast cancer was something that interrupted Kate's normal life, it truly changed it for the better. She discovered a true purpose, to mentor other women diagnosed after her.

A little about us...Kate has relentless positive energy. She loves yoga, kickboxing, gardening and biking. She always makes it a point to make the ones in her life feel special. Aaron is always the funniest person in the room. He loves running in the parkway by our house, grilling on our backyard patio and playing softball. He is the first to help a friend in need. On a typical Saturday morning, you can find us doing something active, like biking to the farmers market. On Saturday nights, we can most often be found grilling out with family and friends.

We cannot help but feel thankful that we have found one another, and as we plan the rest of our lives together, we are extremely excited to start our family. We truly believe that our shared love of children, Kate’s relentless positive energy and Aaron’s warmth and patience will make us great parents. As we are both secure in our relationship and our individual careers, we are confident that we can provide stable, balanced environment for any child filled with happiness, adventure, appreciation and affection. Together, we work hard to make sure that the people in our lives know how special they are to us, and you and your child will be no exception.    

As you make the final decisions regarding your birth plan, there are a few final messages we'd like to share with you. We promise to raise your child in a safe and nurturing home full of love, happiness and extended family. We will love, support and respect your child unconditionally and provide a fun, fulfilled life. We will value you as an integral part of your child's life, and your child will constantly be reminded of the great love you have for them and the courageous decision you made.

Aaron and Kate

Aaron and Kate's adoption website

For more  information, contact Carrie Pederson at (414) 304-6977 or


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