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Other International Adoptions

We work cooperatively with our partner adoption agencies across the United States to provide you with additional international adoption opportunities. You may contact these agencies directly for information regarding programs available, eligibility requirements and their application process. Your  adoption worker can assist you in determining whether a specific program or agency is right for you. 

We can begin your home study while you are deciding on an international adoption program. As a licensed Wisconsin adoption agency our role is to:

  • Complete your home study
  • Work cooperatively with your placement agency during the referral and placement phases of your adoption.
  • Provide post-placement services to your family
  • Assist you with re-adoption and citizenship procedures following placement.
  • Support your family throughout your adoption experience.
  • Eligibility criteria and children available vary from program to program. Your adoption worker can help you identify programs whose requirements you meet. Please fill out the interest form below and we'll be in touch soon. 

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