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Waiting Children

The children listed below  participated in the Ambassador Program in 2012  or 2014, and are praying every day that we will be able to find their families. 

Eugene and Anthony

Birth Family / Background

Anthony and Eugene came into care with their older sister, Ella, seven years ago shortly after the death of their father. The three children have always lived together.  Sadly, Ella has reached an age which makes her ineligible for adoption to the United States.  Ella has decided she wants her brothers to have the opportunity to have a family, knowing that this means she will be left behind in the Philippines.   

Eugene, age 11, is out-going with a good sense of humor and loves to be active. One ambassador described him as ‘all boy’. He makes friends quickly and is protective of his brother and sister. He wants to be a soldier when he grows up.


  • Eagerly tried any activity
  • Easily conversed with kids and adults
  • Helpful, considerate and notices the needs of others

Although small in size, he is large in personality, as described by an ambassador. Anthony, age 9, always wears a smile so big, he will make you smile. Although Anthony is still learning English, he will do what is necessary to communicate with you.

Sweet, playful, creative in play and enjoys arts and crafts
Caring and helpful
Active and enjoys sports

Adoptive Family

Eugene and Anthony would like a family of their own who will consider the needs of each child. They will adjust well with a family who will guide them into discovering their gifts and who will love them individually.  Eugene and Anthony also need a family who will help them maintain connections with their older sister, Ella.


Birth Family / Background

Jeremy got lost while wandering the busy streets of Manila when he was only 7 years old. Jeremy is most comfortable "doing" rather than talking about things. If something requires physical motion this young man will be the first to try it. During our short time together, Jeremy was eager to try any and all the new activities that he could. Jeremy is 13 years old.


  • Energetic and active, gifted in dancing and athletics
  • Quiet and shy upon first meeting people, but warms up quickly especially when physical activity is involved
  • Engaged in smaller groups, very playful and talkative with peers
  • Observant and attentive to others

Adoptive Family

Jeremy would be successful in any family. He needs a family who will be patient as he studies, and be amazed when he participates in physical activities and succeeds in them. He will also need a family who can provide him with educational resources to assist him catching up to his peers academically.

John Mark

Birth Family / Background

John Mark lived in multiple homes before he entered his current child caring agency at the age of 4 years. John Mark is small in stature but big in heart. He has a great smile and beautiful bright eyes that will invite you into his life. John Mark is 13 years old.


  • Active and playful, enjoys trying new activities
  • Cheerful and Charming
  • Very talented in the arts and in athletics
  • Enjoys spending time with others

Adoptive Family

John Mark longs for a family to call his own. He would be a wonderful addition to any family, especially for a family who loves to see an active, eager young boy explore new activities.

John Rod

Birth Family / Background

John Rod entered his child caring agency when he was approximately 18 months old. He is a healthy child and his development is completely on target. John Rod is somewhat serious, yet he has a great sense of humor and a gentle spirit. John Rod is 13 years old.


  • Reserved and thoughtful
  • Smart and hard working
  • Talented and gifted athlete, his favorite sport is basketball
  • Respectful of others, very considerate and caring with the younger children in his child caring agency

Adoptive Family

John Rod stated he would like to be in a family with older siblings, but he would really do well with younger siblings also. He needs a family who will be patient with him while you gets comfortable and provide him with the unconditional love he needs.

If you are interested in learning more about these children, please fill out our information request form. Or, you may contact Val Zegers at (920) 730-1377 or email


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