A Mentor for Mason
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A Mentor for Mason

Mason is 16 years old and has been enrolled in the CCS program for about a year and a half. He is a charming, funny teenager with amazing artistic abilities. Mason has a trauma history, struggles with anxiety and is on the autism spectrum. When I met Mason, he was on shortened school days due to his explosive behaviors and threatening comments. He was unable to ride the bus to school, and spent most of his school day with 1:1 support in the resource room. He was unable to identify the things that triggered his behavior, and rarely had opportunities to interact with his peers. He had been hospitalized for suicidal statements at one point. At home, Mason made threatening and violent comments toward his sister and was not able to be left unattended. 

The CCS team worked with Mason, his family and teachers to learn as much as we could about Mason, his strengths and needs. Mason received therapy to help him work through his past trauma. A mentor spent time with Mason in the community, helping him to improve his social skills and gain experience in a variety of settings. A therapist met with Mason at school once a week to help him work through his struggles there.  Mason was able to learn to identify his feelings and also what would help him when he became upset. He gradually was moved to full school days.

He now rides the bus to school and is in class with his peers approximately 75% of the time. Mason eats lunch in the cafeteria with his friends. At home, he has been able to improve family relationships and decrease the frequency of his outbursts. When Mason becomes frustrated, he still gets upset, but he is able to reach out to his teacher or one of his providers, who are able to help him to identify what will help him in the situation, whether it be a walk around the building, quiet time listening to music or just some time to draw. He is always able to return to his activities.

With the help of his CCS team, Mason has grown immensely, from working through his past trauma to learning to interact with his peers, Mason is on the path to recovery.


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