Jason’s Story

Jason had nowhere to live … no family … no one to rely on. He had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was having difficulty managing his emotions. He was lonely and feeling desperate. Then he found LSS Gaining Ground.

“I took a chance because

I needed help, wanted help. I put my fears aside, pride aside and accepted help. It wasn’t easy to do,” Jason said. “The staff at LSS Gaining Ground has pushed me and always stood their ground
with me and I’ve respected that. They’ve helped me get approved for housing and get bus passes to keep on
track with doctor’s appointments. Finding out I have

cancer, I stopped caring about my doctor’s appointments
for a while and wouldn’t have stayed in contact

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In 2022, LSS will celebrate 140 years of service to Wisconsin and Upper Michigan residents. If at any time LSS made an impact on your life or the life of someone you love, please share it here.

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