Kelsey Overcomes PTSD Triggers

Published Sep 17, 2020
By: LSS Staff

23-year-old Kelsey was moving through her day-to-day, functioning just fine with an underlying mental health disorder…or so she thought. Two separate car accidents were enough to trigger her past mental and emotional traumas.

Kelsey came to LSS expressing a need to address issues with anxiety. Ultimately, our counselors helped her to process her traumas, express her emotions and identify coping skills. She worked through her anger and set an intention on developing clear and healthy boundaries with friends.

Today, Kelsey works full-time, attends college courses and remains focused on her recovery. “I have learned to manage my anxiety, set realistic expectations for myself and those around me. I am now able to process any future situation that could provoke my anxiety.”

We never know what sensory experience, outside behavior or incident will jolt a past memory or event. Like Kelsey before her car accidents, many of us have not had the benefit of processing through our personal traumas, nor have we learned what healthy tools we need to recover from them.

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