Children & Families

Children & Families

Living Reality. Dreaming Great Dreams.

LSS empowers children and families to envision what is possible for their lives. We actively work with clients to create a pathway of perseverance, opportunity and hope that leads to new dreams becoming real.

Mary's Canine Therapist

Lives are transformed when we join together. The LSS Response Fund allowed us to adapt to Telehealth services during the lockdown, which made all the difference for our client Mary.


Mary’s Canine Therapist

Children & Family Services

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Care Coordination

For decades Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan has been humbly providing compassionate treatment and recovery programming for mental illness and substance abuse disorders.
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Counseling & Therapies

We provide quality, recovery-oriented, mental health and substance abuse services for people of all ages. Our counselors help build resilience, facilitate recovery and grow – so you can live a fuller, more productive life.
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Early Intervention

At LSS, we provide early intervention services to young children through our Birth to Three Program for children with identified disabilities and developmental delay, and to young children through our Trauma Informed Care for At Risk Presch...
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Foster Care

Our foster parents are special people who provide love, structure and safety to children who can’t be with their families or able to live on their own. Foster parents know that in foster care, patience and acceptance of what each day may ...
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Public Adoption

We believe every adoption is a miracle of love. LSS continues to strengthen families through Wisconsin and Upper Michigan through public adoption and foster care.
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Skill Building

LSS team members provide skill-building as a subcontractor of a certified county, tribe or managed care organization, and in alignment with an individual’s service plan.
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Youth Residential

We have a long, rich history of serving the troubled and at-risk youth of Wisconsin through youth residential treatment centers featuring various programs that meet the needs of youth through residential treatment, including counseling and ...
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26,585 Individuals Served

286 Adoptions

LSS finalized 386 public adoptions in 2019.

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If you are unable to find an office location near you, please reach out to your closest LSS office.  Many of our services are performed in-home and across many counties.  You can also find locations here. 

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