Public Adoption

We believe every adoption is a miracle of love. LSS has proudly served the community and assisted with adoptions for more than 100 years and we continue to strengthen families through Wisconsin and Upper Michigan through public adoption and foster care.

Public Adoption

In partnership with the State of Wisconsin Public Adoption Program, LSS provides adoption preparation and finalizations to families, and children coming out of the foster care system.  In order to provide permanency for children, adoption is one option for children who are not able to be returned to their birth families due to a variety of reasons.  When reunification is not possible, legal steps are taken to terminate parental rights. LSS helps to secure adoptive homes and prepare children for their changing life circumstances. LSS is looking for committed homes that can help children heal and process their past traumas.

Children who are waiting for a family may come from a variety of situations.  All children in foster care have experienced trauma and have unique needs.  Children may have experienced neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, addiction, or a lack of parent due to incarceration or mental health hospitalization.

To learn more about the impact of trauma visit Adopt US Kids:

To get started please contact the Wisconsin Foster Care and Adoption Resource Center at the Coalition for Children, Youth and Families: or call: 1-800-762-8063 if you are interested in public adoption or attending an informational meeting.

Adoption Search

Adoption searches in Wisconsin are governed by state statutes (48.432 and 48.433).  The primary purpose of the law is to help persons, who have been adopted or whose birth parents have terminated their parental rights, to obtain information about themselves and their birth relatives.

For more information on this program or to request an application packet, visit the Adoption Records Search Program.