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Family Preservation

Supporting Families 

Our Family Preservation Services strengthen and preserve families, providing intensive family preservation services or home-based, family-centered casework and support services. We believe all children deserve a safe and loving environment that supports growth and development.

With our innovative and unique home-based approach, our staff keep families together and prevent out-of-home placement, while mobilizing strengths and resources. We provide support, education, counseling, advocacy and crisis intervention for families and children returning from out-of-home care or those at risk of being placed in out-of-home care. 

Our services

In-home therapy

  • Assesses family functioning and mental health needs by a master’s level clinician to maintain stability, increase functioning and quality of home life

Parent education

  • Teaches and models parenting and home-management skills utilizing community resources to prevent future crises

Daily-living skills

  • Encourages self-sufficiency and supports youth in positive decision-making and healthy choices
  • Provides youth with education, career development, and community and personal growth opportunities

Family Interactions program

  • Provides supervised interactions for families in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Offers hands-on education and support with child development and discipline – emphasizing attachment and bonding with the ultimate goal of permanency
  • Delivers an opportunity for clients to enhance their family relationships in a structured, yet flexible setting

Our program

Our Family Preservation Services focus on empowering, supporting and educating families. Our staff teaches crisis management and parenting skills to ensure ongoing safety for children in our care. We provide these services across the state and customize them to fit the needs of individual families and communities. We are certified to provide these services for CCS and CLTS programs, and welcome discussions on how we can apply our programs to address the unique challenges that families face today.

Determining need

Our staff coordinate and implement Family Preservation Services through partnership with families and community resources. We develop treatment plans following a thorough assessment. Families at greater risk receive more frequent, intensive services and faster response times. Services will be adjusted as needed, depending on feedback from those involved in the treatment plan.

Some guiding principles in Family Preservation services include:

  • Locating individualized services that meet specifically identified needs
  • Focusing on family strengths, resources, and natural support systems
  • Designing services to meet each family’s unique circumstances and needs
  • Guiding and adjusting services in a team-based decision model
  • Being culturally sensitive in serving diverse populations

Family interactions program

Since 2005, as part of the Family Preservation Services, we’ve offered the Family Interactions program to provide supervised interactions between children and non-custodial parents in a safe and nurturing environment – serving as a path to permanency. This program is available on a referral basis. At this time, there is not a private-pay option.

In the Family Interactions program, parenting experts work with families whose children have been removed from their homes due to substantiated reports of abuse or neglect. Our staff members are trained and familiar with assisting families affected by substance abuse, mental health concerns and cognitive disabilities.

Our program offers child-development education, family safety training, parenting skills and readiness for reunification between parents and children. As a strength-based program, our staff works to build on existing family strengths while emphasizing improved attachment and bonding. Child-development experts offer hands-on modeling of effective parenting strategies in the areas of discipline, child development and basic-care needs, as well as trauma-informed parenting practices. Staff members follow the philosophy: we don't visit our children, we interact with them. 

In addition to providing an office setting to meet, Family Interactions staff is flexible and provides supervised interactions in the community at libraries, in foster homes, at schools, in parks or at the parents’ homes. During these visits, our staff members offer parent-child educational information in a hands-on way and then observes how the parents respond to this new information.

Family Preservation Staff

We have more than 70 staff members statewide who are qualified to provide recreational mentoring, daily-living skills, parent support/education, supervised visitation and counseling services. Our staff ranges from paraprofessional to bachelor- and master-level degrees in social work, counseling and family therapy with post-masters training in a variety of current methods and topics in the social services field.

Family Preservation staff is supervised by seasoned masters-level management staff and receives additional clinical supervision from our staff psychologist. Staff schedules are flexible and we offer our services in more than 20 counties statewide, with the ability to expand our services.  

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Client Testimonial

"My daughter is realizing it's not easy, but we are getting along A LOT better. I could go on and on about how things have changed for the better! I prayed for this day, and now it's here and we are all so very thankful!"

Client Testimonial

"We found it helpful having someone to talk to who understood and didn't judge even when I was venting out of total frustration. I always felt that our worker truly cared and wanted to help us."

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