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Do you have a young child with a delay or disability? The Birth to 3 Program is here to support you.

While families face uncertainties during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, young children with delays or disabilities are still in need of support. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Birth to 3 Program is here to support children and their families through this public health emergency.

The Birth to 3 Program strives to help children grow and learn to their fullest potential. Families of children with developmental delays or disabilities under the age of 3 can get support and services from the program.

DHS and local county Birth to 3 Programs are able to adapt supports and services to the unique challenges each family and community is facing. Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP) teams and families work together to find the best way to stay in touch during this time. When in-person contact isn’t possible, services are delivered over the phone and through online video applications (apps) and platforms. Everyone works to make sure children get the support and services they need at all times.

If you believe your child has a delay or disability, or has been diagnosed with one, contact your county.

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Birth to 3

We offer families in select Wisconsin communities early intervention services, including free developmental screenings, for children aged birth to three years old and eligible for support due to developmental delays and disabilities.

Our dedicated staff members who work with children in this early intervention program are committed to helping participants benefit from a family-centered approach to care and education, including: 

  • Support for the family
  • Education about the child’s development
  • Assistance in recognizing and understanding the best ways to interact with the childBirth to three

Our staff works with families to provide early intervention services to create strategies and adaptations to increase the abilities of children in the program to participate in daily routines and activities.

Services Provided

We offer these core services in the Birth to Three Program at no cost to the family: 

  • Identification and referral
  • Screening
  • Eligibility evaluation
  • Ongoing assessment for an eligible child
  • Development of the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)* for an eligible child and family
  • Service coordination for an eligible child and family

*Ongoing services through the Birth to Three Program that are identified in the IFSP may include a parental cost share.


Eligibility requirements

Before children may receive services in this early intervention program, they must meet eligibility criteria, which include:

  • Age birth to third birthday
  • Diagnosed condition that is likely to result in a developmental delay
  • Exhibits a delay of 25% or more in one area of functioning (cognitive, physical, communication, social and emotional or self-help skills) on standardized developmental testing
  • Demonstrates atypical development that is likely to affect overall development


Referrals to the Birth to Three program may originate from anyone who has concerns about a child’s development. This includes parents and guardians, friends, doctors, neighbors and child-care providers.

Developmental Screening and Support for Infants and Young Children 

Developmental screening and support is a service offered to Waukesha County residents who have children under five years old and who wonder if their child is reaching developmental milestones on time. Common questions include: What does it mean when my child is not walking by 12 months? How many words should my 15-month old be saying?  

Our developmental screening and support services provide resources, at no cost, to help parents and caregivers care for infants and toddlers. Services include:

  • Information on typical child development and suggestions on appropriate early childhood activities. 
  • Resources including community activities and options appropriate for infants and young children. 
  • Screening of a child’s functioning in all developmental areas for parents and caregivers who express concerns about a child’s development.
  • Options available to families for those children showing significant delay in one or more areas of development. 

To inquire about a developmental screening for your child, complete the contact form below.

Trauma-Informed Care for At-Risk Preschoolers

What leads to a healthy sense of wellbeing in young children? Important factors include safety, predictability and having a caring adult in their lives. When those factors are missing or there’s trauma, adverse events or a high level of stress over time, it can lead to negative effects on brain growth, developmental skills, academic performance and even increased health problems later in life. The Trauma-Informed Care System With At-Risk Preschool Children Program provides children the opportunity to thrive in spite of trauma and other challenges.


  • Support caregivers who are parenting children with a history of trauma.
  • Intervene to identify and help address areas of concern in the child’s skill development, relationships, and behaviors both in and out of the home.
  • Encourage increased resiliency in both child and caregiver.


  • In-home assessment of the child’s skills including how they function socially and emotionally and their communication skills within the family.
  • Development of an intervention plan with the family and social worker/other providers to identify areas of concern and then set goals and strategies.
  • Caregiver education about the effect of high stress and trauma on typical development and adaptive strategies that can create an enriching environment.
  • Caregiver support to manage emotions, teaching the importance of self-care.
  • Home visits to observe the child’s overall behavior and participation in family routines. Coaching to problem solve for individualized solutions.
  • Consultations with other caregivers or service providers: childcare providers, schools, counselors, home visitors, etc.

Who Can Enroll?

If you have questions or to learn eligibility requirements for your county or to enroll, contact
us at 262-548-7333.


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