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Our professional counselors, social workers and staff provide youth services through an array of reputable and proven programs designed to offer services that help children and troubled youth thrive in residential and home settings in Wisconsin.

Youth and children in our programs benefit from deep experience, programming and insights in services that address the needs of children and youth to help overcome obstacles and help youth develop to their full potential.


Homme Youth & Family Programs

Staff at Homme Youth and Family Programs serve youth, ages 10-21, who are troubled, traumatized and emotionally scarred – and in danger of developing even more serious issues. We provide care, compassion and a promise to help them change their lives. Our goal is to bring stability, engagement and connections for youth in our programs, so they can live their best lives possible.

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Youth Residential Programs

We have a long, rich history of serving the troubled and at-risk youth of Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and the Midwest at our youth residential treatment centers. Each center features various programs to meet the needs troubled youth, residential services, counseling and education. Our certified staff members at each center treat all indivduals in our care with dignity and respect. 

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Birth to Three Programs

Our birth to three programs support children with developmental delays and disabilities. Program participants benefit from a family-centered approach to care and education. As part of the program, dedicated staff members create strategies and adaptations to increase the abilities of children in the program to participate in daily routines and activities.

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Children's Long-Term Waiver Program

We partner with the state of Wisconsin and multiple counties to provide service coordination to families with children with substantial disabilities. Children who qualify for these waivers have substantial limitations in multiple daily activities as a result of developmental, severe emotional or physical disabilities. 

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SCAN Child Abuse Program

Our SCAN child abuse training programs educate children about child abuse and neglect so they understand what it is and recognize it when they see or experience it. And, just as importantly, children in these age-appropriate education programs learn who they can turn to if and when they need help.

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Family Case Management

Our Family Case Management Programs, including Family Partnerships Initiative (FPI) and Youth Enterprise for Success (YES), provide wraparound services to at-risk children and their families, particularly those who have struggled with traditional service provision and are at-risk for out-of-home placement or working toward reunification.


Family Preservation Services

Our Family Preservation Services strengthen and preserve families, providing intensive services or home-based, family-centered casework and support services. With our innovative and unique home-based approach, our staff keep families together and prevent out-of-home placement, while mobilizing strengths and resources. We provide support, education, counseling, advocacy and crisis intervention for families and children returning from out-of-home care or those at risk of being placed in out-of-home care. 

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Teen Runaway & Homelessness Programs

We offer services to runaway youth and their families in Wisconsin. Our staff members work to improve the support network for both troubled youth and their families through confidential and voluntary crisis intervention, and referral services offered in locations throughout the state.

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Youth Program Stories

Samuel: Against the Odds

Samuel, born with a rare genetic condition, beat the odds with the help of the LSS Birth to Three program. Learn more.

SCAN Program Helps Kids Recognize Child Abuse

Our SCAN program helps children recognize child abuse so they can tell trusted adults and get help.
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