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We’re glad you’re interested in exploring the adoption process. We believe every adoption is a small miracle of love. As the largest not-for-profit, licensed adoption agency in Wisconsin, we've been helping children of all ages as well as forever families of all faiths and backgrounds find each other.    

I'm Pregnant

Do you need a place to turn, where there is no judgement or unwanted advice? You are not alone. Our staff will listen to your needs, never pressuring you to make a decision. You are completely safe to discuss any and all of your feelings, and explore realistic options. Our staff can provide support, education and guidance while personally addressing your concerns.

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Looking to Adopt

We believe every adoption is a small miracle that gives to everybody it touches - a child receives a home and the love of a family, birth parents have the assurance their baby will be cared for and the adoptive family is blessed with the joy of loving and parenting a child. As the largest child-placing agency in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, we have decades of experience in domestic and special needs adoption. 

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Post-Adoption Services

We realize that adopting a child is just the start of an exciting new life phase. To make that transition as smooth as possible, we offer many support services for adoptive parents. 

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Waiting Families 

Are you considering adoption? It can be a tough decision, but our counselors and staff members understand the challenges you face while specializing in building families through open adoption. With open adoption, you'll stay in contact with your child, and their adoptive families, throughout their lives. If you're thinking about adoption, meet our waiting families. 

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Informational Meetings

We offer free adoption informational meetings, both one-on-one and in large group settings. The meetings are hosted by one of our adoption workers who shares details on domestic adoption programs, eligibility requirements, timing and costs. During the meetings, you'll have the chance to ask any questions and learn more about different options and which one might be right for you, with no obligation or cost.


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Adoption Stories & Articles

Hearts Stirred Toward Adoption

After having raised their three biological children — now all in their 30s — Mark and Patti DiBlasi adopted five children from China. Patti talks about “having her heart stirred,” and being open to what God wanted them to do. Rather than being empty nesters, they have a loud, fun and chaotic household with lots of love.

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Open Adoption a Blessing for All

A Kenosha, Wis., couple welcomed a daughter, Ellie, into their family through a local, open adoption facilitated by LSS.

Published October 2016

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It's All About Love

When Jackson was adopted through LSS, his adoptive parents and birth mother created a circle of love that will surround him for years to come.

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There Are No Unwanted Children

Jonalyn found her forever family with the help of the LSS Ambassadors Program.

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Unplanned Pregnancy: What to Consider

If you're experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, here are some things you should keep in mind before making any decisions.
Published March 2016

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Ciara's Story

Ciara thought no one wanted her - until Greg and Joelle Scheithauer asked her to be their daughter. With the help of LSS, they are now a forever family.

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