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Helping People Find Their Path to Recovery

We provide addiction treatment services specifically designed to help people experience lasting recovery and a newly improved life.

Our addiction treatment services provide support along a continuum of care, depending on what clients need to be successful on their recovery journey. 

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Residential inpatient treatment
  • Transitional treatment/halfway house
  • Gambling addiction services

Many of our addiction services are offered in partnership with Wisconsin counties or the Department of Health Services; private pay or insurance are additional options.  Many of our programs are gender-specific; co-ed programs offer specialized, gender-specific groups and services. Our licensed addiction counselors offer education, addiction assessments, and an array of evidence-based treatment services for people searching for recovery.

Residential inpatient addiction treatment

We provide primary inpatient treatment for those in need of more intense services and a residential setting in their early stage of recovery. Our counselors help clients improve their lives using evidence-based practices including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing techniques, trauma-informed care, social learning theory and gender-specific services. We offer residential addiction services in Southeastern and Northwestern Wisconsin communities to serve as a bridge for recovery, returning to work and reconnecting with family.

Addiction treatment therapies matched to individual needs

Primary residential treatment programs are generally 21 days in length. Professional staff engage participants in a variety of activities, including multiple group sessions each day, individual therapy sessions, family services, educational sessions and specialty services. The treatment programs focus on each individual and address his or her addictive processes. The goal of each program is to explore a wide variety of strategies to help people find their own pathway to recovery. Our core treatment philosophy is based on a partnership with the individuals we serve who are seeking recovery from addiction.

Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

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Transitional Residential Treatment Services (Halfway House) for Addiction

To promote a successful return to the community following inpatient addiction treatment, we offer transitional residential treatment centers (halfway houses) in Wisconsin. Housed in the two residential inpatient treatment locations listed above, these treatment centers serve as important bridges to ease the client's transition. In these transitional treatment settings, clients re-engage with those in their community to secure employment, find natural community supports and repair relationships with family and other significant people in their lives. The length of stay depends on the needs of the individual, but can span 30 - 120 days.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

We provide outpatient addiction treatment services in more than a dozen locations throughout Wisconsin, allowing clients to begin their recovery journey from alcohol or other drugs even as they remain home or continue to work. Certified, trained substance abuse counselors use a variety of evidence-based recovery strategies with the goal of assisting clients in achieving long-term sobriety. 

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

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Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Assessments 

Our certified counselors offer alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) assessments. During the assessment, they evaluate your use of alcohol and drugs, as well as other topics. At the end of the assessment, our counselors discuss the findings and recommend treatment, if applicable.

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