Service Coordination

The service coordination program is designed to promote and support self-sufficiency and independence of those individuals residing in properties, facilitating a variety of support services within the residential communities throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan since 1989.

LSS assures elderly residents and non-elderly residents with disabilities are linked to the specific supportive services needed to continue living independently. If you’re interested in learning more about Housing Social Services or Quality Assurance for your social service staff, please complete the form below.

Program Benefits

  • Assist residents, especially those frail/at risk age in place
  • Decrease early admission to nursing homes/assisted living
  • Relieve conflicts between tenants
  • Assist with resident’s returning home following hospital discharge
  • Increase length of tenancy
  • Develop new services, minimize gaps in services, improve current services
  • Decrease evictions/turnovers – resulting in cost savings for the development
  • Create and enhance informal support networks

Role of staff

  • Investigator
    • Study community resources
    • Resident interest in new programs
  • Educator
    • Organize monthly presentations-Educate residents on aging in place issues/community resources
    • Connect residents with recreational/educational programs in community
    • Create/bring programs to residents
  • Community Builder
    • Assist residents in creating tenant organizations
    • Build informal support networks between residents, family and friends
    • Mediate
    • Facilitate support groups
  • Advocate
    • Teach residents to advocate for themselves
    • Advocate on residents’ behalf with permission
    • Advocate for more or appropriate services
  • Service Facilitator
    • Link residents to services needed to live independently

Service utilization

  • Any resident living at the property can utilize these services
  • Can provide minimal assistance to those not living onsite
  • There is no age requirement or income limit
  • Residents do not have to be Lutheran
  • Residents are not required to use any of the services


  • Advocacy
  • Assessment
  • Benefits
  • Case Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Crisis Intervention/Support Counseling
  • Education/Employment
  • Fair Housing/Civil Rights
  • Family Support
  • General Information
  • Health Care Services
  • Homemaker
  • Home Management
  • Isolation Intervention
  • Lease Education
  • Legal Assistance
  • Meals
  • Mental Health Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Outreach Services
  • Resident/Tenant Associations
  • Substance Abuse
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • Transfer to Alternative Housing
  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Transportation

Program limitations

  • Staff do not provide transportation or direct care
  • Staff are not an activity director
  • Staff do not handle property manager tasks
  • Staff do not dispense or manage medications
  • Staff are not a messenger between management and resident

We are proud to work with:

Astar Management
Cardinal Capital Management
Dominium, Inc.
HOMZ Management
Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.
ACC Management Group, Inc.
Quality Development Corporation, Inc.
Reilly-Joseph Company
Stonewood Management
Wisconsin Management Company, Inc.
Commonwealth Management Corporation
Impact Seven, Inc. (provide Quality Assurance only)