Homme Treatment Team

The Homme Youth & Family Programs are led by a team of effective leaders who respect the youth in our care and work to administer programs, support and services with dignity. Our qualified staff members have experience in therapy, supervision, mental health, combating poverty and homelessness, intergenerational abuse, neglect, and more. 

Pamela Cotton

Homme Program Director


Pamela is the director of Out of Home Care, providing oversight for residential facilities across the state, including Homme Youth and Family Programs. She has been working in child welfare in Wisconsin since 2001, primarily in ongoing child protective services and foster care and adoption in Milwaukee County. She has been exposed to a variety of issues facing families and youth in out-of-home care, including poverty and homelessness, lack of education, intergenerational abuse and neglect, as well as sex trafficking.

Pam earned her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Women’s Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and her master’s degree in Feminist Psychology from New College of California. She is certified as a social worker.

Todd Malueg

Homme Educational Manager

Todd graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Sociology. He began his career with Lutheran Social Services in 1994. Previously he has served as a Unit Supervisor, Behavioral Management Specialist, and Dean of Students.

Todd is married with one child and active in his community. Todd serves as the President of the Grant Fire Department and is also a member of the Caroline conservation club and the Lions club.


Dr. Jenna Saul

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist


Dr. Saul is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. She completed medical school at Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine; a Peds/Psych/Child Psych internship at Indiana University Medical Center; a General Psychiatry Residency at Baylor College of Medicine and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at University of Chicago Hospitals. She is interested in helping each person she works with find positive growth from adversity, build resilience, develop adaptive coping skills and learn effective problem solving. In her psychiatric supervision for the program Nurse Practitioner, she promotes optimistic thinking to help children and adolescents respond to challenges encountered on a daily basis and to apply these skills in many contexts, including relationships with peers and family, lifelong learning, and other activities. She also hopes to provide skills that buffer against the effects of stress.

She studied at the Childhood Trust with Dr. Barbara Boat, Dr. Erna Olafson, and Dr. David Corwin, where she learned about clinical and forensic assessment of children who’ve been sexually abused and helped gather data for the Childhood Trust Events Survey. She also trained with Dr. Bruce Perry at the ChildTrauma Academy, where she strengthened her understanding of the ways that trauma affects neurodevelopment and behavior and helped develop materials for educating judges and lawyers about trauma.

Dr. Saul emphasizes a strength-based approach to treatment that helps one to overcome their areas of vulnerability. Dr. Saul chose training at the University of Chicago to gain experience working at one of the premier residential treatment programs in the country, the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School, due to her interest in providing psychiatric care to children in out-of-home placement. She has brought this knowledge and experience to LSS, where she’s cared for youth in residential treatment since 2009.


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