Homme Secondary Services

Additional Services and Treatment for At-Risk Youth

We offer many programs to serve at-risk youth from our center in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. We offer community service opportunities to expand their horizons, connect to community members and feel good about giving of themselves through volunteering and employment opportunities.

Community service and employment

Through part-time work at animal shelters, senior centers and other locations in the community, residents experience the good feeling of helping a vulnerable population. They relearn empathy, build self-esteem and gain skills that will translate to the larger workforce. Some of our residents also work in business settings, thanks to local employers who partner with us to provide those opportunities.

At Homme, we have also partnered with providers of training related to our services, including T.O.P. (Trauma Outcome Process), the sexual assault cycle and relapse planning. In addition, we partner with several group homes and foster care resources to provide step-down services for youth who are difficult to place.

Alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) treatment

During the admissions and placement process, our staff assesses whether the resident requires AODA treatment. If AODA treatment is needed, our staff will find appropriate community resources to meet the resident’s needs. Our treatment approach provides the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support needed to achieve a life free of alcohol and drugs.