Homme Education

Visions Junior/Senior High School

Homme Youth and Family Programs provides an onsite school to its residents, Visions Junior/Senior High School.  Visions’ educational program is a fully accredited school located on Homme’s campus in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. Led by the Education Manager and experienced educators certified in special education, our staff develop and implement individual education programs for each student to meet their educational needs.

Individual attention

Our educators use Daily Treatment Objectives along with Skills Streaming (a component of Aggression Replacement Training) to provide intensive social skills training that will help our students progress from external control to internal motivation.

Visions offers small class sizes, with teachers and aides who have training in exceptional education needs.  Our educators assure individual attention for each student with a staff-to-student ratio of 1:5.

Visions operates with the philosophy: “With the right structure and with guidance, every child can enjoy academic achievement.”  During their time at Visions, students average more than 80% growth in their math and reading skills.  Our teachers make every effort to work with students to recover credits and get back on track for graduation.  High school completion and graduation requirements are emphasized in the curriculum for our students.

Our educational staff focus on personal and emotional development, knowledge of the work world, respect for self and others, and preparation for re-integration into the public school system. In addition, Visions offers a vocational-education program with specific training in automotive, woodworking, drafting, welding and food services to help secure a strong and stable future for our students.

Visions courses

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan school districts recognize coursework completed at Visions Junior/Senior High School. In addition to the standard required coursework, Visions also offers a wide variety of electives, including:

  • Woodworking
  • Communications
  • Drafting/woods
  • General metals
  • Automobile maintenance
  • Life skills


Visions students also can take advantage of employment-focused programming:

  • Computers
  • Automotive
  • Small-engine repair
  • Carpentry
  • Welding


Visions Alternative School

In addition, Homme Youth and Family Programs offers day school services to students, ages 10 to 18, struggling to succeed in their current school. Visions Alternative School works to help at-risk students to achieve school success by incorporating social-skill development into the academic curriculum. Special education licensed teachers provide individualized instruction with small class size and behavioral supports.

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