Homme Admissions

Admissions Information

Admissions criteria

Homme welcomes male residents between the ages of 10 and 21 (18 to 21 on a juvenile order). Homme staff carefully review each referral and conduct a face-to-face admissions screen. At Homme, we’re committed to quality care and work to assure that we match each individual to the appropriate program to achieve the most successful outcomes. We accept children from across the country.

We ensure that our staff will treat your Homme referral with dignity, confidentiality and respect in our care. That’s our philosophy – to treat each youth as a unique individual.

“Everyone at Homme – from the teachers and therapists to the unit leaders, from the administrators to the kitchen staff – understands trauma-informed care. In fact, our kitchen staff is a great example. They know that simply going through the lunch line here can be hard for children who may have been traumatized by bullies in the cafeteria at a former school. They understand that every interaction we have with these children is important.” 

– Heather Yaeger, Regional Director 

Required documentation

The following documents are required prior to placement in Homme programs:

  •     Copy of original birth certificate
  •     Copy of court order to agency
  •     Copy of referring agency’s case plan
  •     Current MA or medical and dental insurance card
  •     Copy of social security card
  •     Immunization records
  •     Social history and individualized education plan
  •     Insurance forms (if applicable)
  •     Copy of physical and dental examinations done in the past 12 months
  •     30-day supply of ALL prescribed medication (if applicable)
  •     Type 2 forms (if applicable)

Assessment Placements

During a 30- to 45-day assessment placement, we offer stabilization of a young person’s behavior and determine individual needs, assess risks and identify appropriate interventions. The result is a thorough assessment and set of recommendations for treatment and a successful transition back to the community. Psychiatric and psychological assessments are included.