Children’s Long Term Support

Strengthening Families

With our network of experienced staff and focused community-based approach we are able to co-create a range of services best suited for the needs of each client. As a dedicated partner with county stakeholders and community providers we have proven successful, evidence-based outcomes in the creation of comprehensive individualized treatment and recovery plans that are essential for success.

Coordinating Services for Children with Disabilities 

We partner with DHS and multiple counties across Wisconsin to provide service coordination to families who have children with substantial limitations in their daily activities and need support to remain in their home and community.

The Children’s Long-Term Support Home and Community-Based Medicaid Waivers (CLTS Waivers) provide a structure in which Medicaid funding is available to support children and their families, using the Deciding Together model, to identify areas of strengths and challenges.

Children who are eligible include those with:

  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Severe Emotional Disturbances
  • Physical Disabilities

Funding through this program can be used to support a range of services based on an individual assessment of the child and his or her needs, completed by the family, child, and Service Coordinator.

For more information on CLTS please visit Wisconsin Department of Health Services page.


Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

Wisconsin Department of Health Services outcomes show that Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) successfully achieves its goal to reduce costly, acute services such as inpatient, crisis, and emergency services for many of its participants and can improve living situations for adult participants. CCS also decreases the likelihood of suicide attempts and suicidal ideations among youth participants across the state.

Our services

The LSS Service Facilitator assesses client strengths and needs then works with the client to assemble a Recovery Team. CCS services are provided in the client’s home, within the community or at our offices and facilities. LSS is flexible and works collaboratively with the client, client’s family and the county to deliver services at times that work for all parties, as chosen by the client and indicated in the service plan. The Service Facilitator ensures that the recovery plan is coordinated, monitored and designed to support the client to help them reach their highest potential.

Clients are provided with customized plans for Wellness Management and Recovery, Individual Skill Development, Individual or Family Psychoeducation, Psychotherapy, and Substance Abuse Treatment and training in communication skills and community connections to support individuals dealing with ongoing mental and physical health issues to live their best life possible. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Daily living skills, budgeting, grocery shopping, time management
  • Utilizing public transportation
  • Resource and referral to relevant local programs and providers
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Setting up community appointments
  • Integration with local church and community centers and social networks
  • Job applications assistance and employment support
  • Family therapy to build relationships
  • Address past trauma


Visit our Locations page to find an office location near you.  Many of our services are performed in-home and across many counties, please reach out to your closest LSS office. 

Family Partnerships Initiative (FPI) and Youth Enterprise for Success (YES)

We provide wraparound services to at-risk children and their families, particularly those who have struggled with traditional service provision and are at-risk for out-of-home placement or working toward reunification. Using a family-centered and community-based philosophy, we focus on maintaining or reuniting children with their family by creating individualized care plans. Services focus on the child’s well-being and progress, but often incorporate other family members and supports. The program is most beneficial when the family is open to receiving services and participating in their child’s treatment planning.

  • FPI and YES help the family live more successfully in the community, so they ultimately need fewer formal services and interventions.
  • The program provides an array of services beyond traditional financial and geographic boundaries to develop a creative and flexible continuum of care.
  • FPI and YES care coordinators are assigned a lower caseload due to the intensive nature of services so they can provide thorough and focused support and care.
  • Referrals are made by the county, Families complete an assessment process to determine eligibility.
  • FPI services last twelve months but can extend beyond that based on the family’s needs.
  • YES services have no time restrictions
  • FPI is Funded through the county or CLTS
  • YES is funded through the referring county, CLTS or CCS.

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Conditional Release Program / OARS 

We help individuals who become involved with the judicial system when their mental health has deteriorated. Through a contract with the Department of Health Services, we help individuals in the community maintain their housing, get to psychiatry and therapy appointments, provide medication monitoring, as well as support to assist the individual live as independent as possible in the community. Individuals become productive members of their community with the extra support provided in this program.

Opening Avenues to Reentry Success (OARS)

We help individuals with mental health diagnoses returning to the community from a correctional institution reintegrate into their community. We locate housing, schedule psychiatry and therapy appointments, provide medication monitoring, and provide emotional support to help them through the transition period. Through a contract with the Department of Health Services, we receive referrals from the institution for individuals who voluntarily seek extra support during the reentry process.

Visit our Locations page to find an office location near you.  Many of our services are performed in-home and across many counties, please reach out to your closest LSS office.