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Memory Loss Programs

MindWorks Memory Enhancement Program

Our memory enhancement program, called MindWorks, is based on current research and successful outcomes from other memory care programs. The program can benefit you if you are experiencing early memory loss.

Guided by evidenced‐based curriculum, MindWorks provides a proactive approach to improving memory function, exercising the brain through various cognitive, creative and physical activities.  

Our memory care teachers use physical and mental exercises to help develop strategies to cope with your changing memory condition – and ultimately improve your quality of life through this social, meaningful activity.

MindWorks is a supportive place to proactively work on brain fitness and a way to connect with others who understand memory loss challenges. This fee-based class brings members together two days a week, four hours each day.

We also provide a warm, nutritious lunch during class. The classes provide respite for caregivers, too.

The science behind MindWorks

Research indicates mental, physical, and social involvement benefits your memory. Recent studies show the brain continually rewires and adapts, growing new brain cells and developing new neurons. By participating in mind‐bending activities, learning something new and developing new relationships, you can stimulate new brain activity.  

Physical activity is critical to brain health as well, as it helps increase the flow of blood and oxygen through your brain. Proper nutrition, complete with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids, also benefits your brain health. The MindWorks program offers all these aspects of memory enhancement.

A typical day at MindWorks includes:

  • Warm-up with humor, trivia and news
  • Discuss the topic of the day
  • Engage in creative activities
  • Dine with fellow participants
  • Participate in physical activity
  • Exercise the brain
  • Review the day

MindWorks Benefits:

  • Create and maintain social connections
  • Develop helpful memory strategies
  • Increase knowledge through educational opportunities
  • Inform about useful community resources
  • Exercise your brain and your body
  • Provide caregiver support
  • Connect you to a supportive and fun group

MindWorks Class Times:

Monday/Wednesday, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. 

Tuesday/Thursday, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. 


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