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Post-Adoption Services

We realize bringing a child home is just the start of an exciting new phase of life. To make that transition as smooth as possible, adoptive parents can take advantage of the other support options we offer. Check out this quick reference list of things to do post adoption. 



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We provide quality mental health and substance abuse services for people of all ages. Our counselors and psychologists help clients build resilience, facilitate recovery and grow - helping them live fuller, more productive lives. 

We have offices located throughout Wisconsin with many offices conveniently located in smaller communities. Our state-certified clinics and highly professional licensed staff are available to everyone. We accept insurance payment and offer a sliding-fee scale for self-pay clients. 

Our staff will tailor a speaking engagement, presentation, workshop, or other services to meet your needs - available at any of our offices or on-site at your location. For more information or to schedule a speaker, presentation or workshop call (920) 225-1710 or email


Adoption searches in Wisconsin are governed by state statutes (48.432 and 48.433).  The primary purpose of the law is to help persons, who have been adopted or whose birth parents have terminated their parental rights, to obtain information about themselves and their birth relatives.  

What information might be available? 
The search program can help eligible persons obtain medical and genetic information about birth relatives.  Information that could be available through the program includes:

  1. Non-identifying social history (information in the files from the time of adoption).
  2. Medical and genetic information about birth parents and relatives, including routine health information and any known hereditary or degenerative diseases.
  3. A copy of the impounded birth certificate; the certificate prior to the time of adoption.
  4. Identifying birth parent information; name and address.
  5. Tribal enrollment information.

The law has specific requirements for how a record search may be conducted.  Birth parents have the right to file a notarized statement consenting to, or refusing, the release of identifying information.

At what age can a person search?
In the State of Wisconsin, when an adopted person is 18 years old, he/she can request medical and genetic information about his/her birth parents as well as non-identifying social history information. Tribal enrollment may also be requested if there is Native American heritage present. Adoptive parents can request this information at any time.

At age 18, an adopted person can request a search for his or her birth parent's identity and a copy of his/her birth certificate.  This requires a search for the birth parent(s).  The information can only be disclosed if a notarized affidavit has been signed by the birth parent(s). If a court has determined paternity or the parents were married at the time of conception or birth, affidavits are needed from both parents.

Under ACT 104, if an adopted child is under the age of 18 and the adoptive parents or the birth parent - not the adoptee - wish to release identities, they can file written consent with the adoption agency.  If the other party involved has also filed a release for contact form, the agency can put the adoptive parents and birth parent together. The adoptive parent(s) and birth parent(s) must independently file their consents.  The agency CANNOT contact the other party to solicit consent.

Once the child is 18 years old, they must use the search program and its applicable laws.

For more information on this program or to request an application packet, contact:
Adoption Records Search Program
P.O. Box 8916
Madison, WI  53708-8916
(608) 266-7163
For information on search for adoption from Korea, contact:
Eastern Social Welfare Society

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