Counseling & Therapies

Your mental and emotional well-being is as important as your physical health. In fact, since both your mind and body impact the quality of your life, the two are connected and should be considered parts of a larger picture. Taking care of both can help you lead a healthier life.

Many individuals struggle with mental and behavioral health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, alcohol and other drug addiction and relationship issues. You don’t have to face these challenges alone. We offer comprehensive mental health services to meet a variety of needs in a welcoming, confidential setting.

We provide quality, recovery-oriented, mental health and substance abuse services for people of all ages. Our counselors help build resilience, facilitate recovery and grow – so you can live a fuller, more productive life. We focus on developing coping skills, improved communication in relationships, support for transitions such as job loss, divorce and death of a family member, basic problem solving, effective listening and more. Members of our team work with anyone in need, regardless of religious affiliation, serving people of all ages with a variety of traditional and non-traditional treatment approaches.


We provide counseling throughout Wisconsin in both an office setting and your home or community, and we’re committed to improving our clients’ overall wellness and well-being through empathic support and feedback tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

During each counseling session, our staff works to identify and support your strengths to promote recovery and wellness, while working collaboratively to meet your goals. We see you as a whole person, rather than simply a diagnosis. We accept some insurance and self-pay in limited programs and work collaboratively with our local department of human services to serve you and your family in your community.

Individual, couples, group, and family therapy in all stages of life

 LSS offers outpatient behavioral health treatment services in both Appleton and Janesville.  Additionally, community-based therapy for families are offered in various counties throughout the state.  LSS partners with your community’s local Department of human services in order to support your wellness and recovery right in your home and community.

Alcohol and drug assessments and Counseling

LSS offers outpatient behavioral health and AODA assessment and treatment services in both Appleton and Janesville.

Visit our Locations page to find an office location near you.  Many of our services are performed in-home and across many counties, please reach out to your closest LSS office. 

Family-Centered Treatment (FCT)

FCT is an evidence-based, trauma-informed therapy approach for the entire family system which includes their entire whole support system. The program is applied to the family, school and community to ensure a safe environment and improve family functioning for all family members.  This intensive service typically takes 6-8 months and is geared for keeping family units together in their home.

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

CCS psychotherapy services are provided in the client’s home, within the community or at our office. LSS is flexible and works collaboratively with the client, their family and the county to deliver services at times that work for all parties, as chosen by the client and indicated in the service plan. The Service Facilitator ensures that the recovery plan is coordinated, monitored and designed to support the client to help them reach their highest potential.

Visit our Locations page to find an office location near you.  Many of our services are performed in-home and across many counties, please reach out to your closest LSS office. 

School Centered Mental Health

Our newly developed School Centered Mental Health (SCMH) initiative is Milwaukee-focused (to start) and designed to utilize Milwaukee schools as a health and wellness connector for groups both in and outside of the classroom including children, parents, siblings, families and neighbors. The multi-layered target group will benefit from services that reach beyond traditional school based mental health programs to include trauma-informed therapy, family coaching, behavior interventions and education/training and assessment. Partnerships with community health systems will also provide preventative health focused home visits, medication monitoring and care coordination with physicians and other medical providers.

Partners of Change

A New Vision for School Mental Health Services

All children and families deserve access to culturally appropriate, comprehensive and preventative mental health services that partner with schools and families to prepare Wisconsin students for academic success and successful transition into adulthood.

The Partners of Change (PoC) committee is a coordinated group of individuals, community organizers, schools, coalitions, donors and healthcare providers committed to improving children’s mental health in Wisconsin. We believe in action, not just discussion. This is an urgent issue, and we are using our collective expertise to influence policy change at the state level including Medicaid changes, and increased funding.

If you would like more information on Partners of Change please email

Counseling groups in schools

In collaboration with other community partners, LSS offers FACE-Kids and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS) to provide accessible group counseling in schools, neighborhood centers, and FACE-Kids agencies. The ultimate goal of FACE-Kids is to help strengthen and improve a child’s individual, family, and school life by being a part of a supportive group with others in a similar situation.  Similarly, CBITS program is a school-based, group and individual intervention.  It is designed to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and behavioral problems, and to improve functioning, grades and attendance, peer and parent support, and coping skills.