PBS Wisconsin: LSS Part of Providing Refugees “all the things they need”

Published Jan 31, 2022
By: Sam Fuller

West Allis, WI – Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan (LSS) continues to welcome in Afghan and other refugees into Wisconsin to provide housing and additional support. In this PBS Wisconsin TV story, Sher Khan, who evacuated from Kabul with his wife and children in 2021 had this to say:

“Bringing this amount of people from one side of the world to the other side of the world and giving them all they things they need, that is just beyond my imagination. I mean, sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming. Whatever we receive here, we are thankful for.”

While LSS has been able to house over around 150 refugees in the past few months, affordable housing and financial support to get these families on their feet continue to be the biggest hurdles. LSS and the other agencies are grateful for the help received from the local communities throughout the state.

To hear more from Sher Khan, LSS Refugee Program Manager Mary Flynn, and more, please watch the original PBS Wisconsin TV news story below:

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