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The Loving Lutherans Challenge presents a rare chance for Lutherans to double the impact of their charitable giving this year. An anonymous donor has promised to match gifts dollar-for-dollar up to one million dollars throughout 2024 for congregations* who:


Increase their annual giving by 10% or more over their 2023 contribution.

Make a first-time donation to LSS in any amount.


*Individual Lutheran donors can make a gift and count it towards
their congregation’s total as long as they identify their congregation
when making their gift.


With your help, this two-million-dollar opportunity will amplify the reach
of our collective efforts by allowing LSS to extend our hands and
hearts of Christ further than ever before.


Together, we can strengthen families, inspire recovery, and empower independence and belonging for
people living in our shared communities who have the greatest needs.


Give Now

In my role as the Manager of Community and Faith Partnerships at LSS, I am blessed to witness daily how our congregations inspire individuals to live into the promise of their infinite worth, and for that I give thanks. I’ve witnessed family members struggle with mental health challenges, addiction, familial discord, and the ache of unfulfilled dreams; perhaps you’ve experienced some of this too.  These are the sacred stories that define our ministry, the whispered prayers of the heart.

It is in these moments of vulnerability and grace that the mission of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS) finds resonance. For over a century, LSS has stood as a faithful ally to all in the journey toward healing and restoration. From nurturing the dreams of children longing for a forever home to providing sanctuary to those grappling with the chains of substance use disorder, LSS embodies the transformative power of love in action. LSS was born out of the dream that God implanted in a Lutheran pastor’s heart and this ministry continues today because of the
partnership with congregations like yours.

As Lutherans, we have a special calling to amplify our impact, deepen our compassion, and reflect God’s love in our neighbors and communities.  And this year, by embracing the Loving Lutherans Challenge we can kindle the flames of love and mercy, illuminating the darkest corners of despair with the radiant light of hope. 

We ask that you also pray for LSS and consider ways that we may support one another to have the greatest impact in every community in need of God’s love.  Should you wish to learn more about how LSS can complement your congregational efforts, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can also see below for more resources to engage your entire
Loving Lutherans congregation.

With deepest gratitude for your tireless dedication and unwavering faith,




Sarah Halstead 

Manager of Community and Faith Partnerships

Cell (920) 213-6078 |


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