In the Ring Season 3 Episode 4: “The Return on Investment of Early Intervention” with Sam Sipes

Published Apr 17, 2024
By: LSS Staff

WATCH NOW: Lutheran Services Florida President & CEO Sam Sipes is “In the Ring” with Héctor!

This week Héctor Colón is “In the Ring” with his good friend Sam Sipes, the President & CEO of Lutheran Services Florida. The two talk about the massive return on investment Sam’s state of Florida saw from investing in social services, the future of A.I. in the non-profit space, the value of taking calculated risks in new endeavors, and much more!

Sam joined LSF as CEO in September 2007.  At that time, LSF had several hundred employees and an annual budget of approximately $30 million.  During his tenure, Sam has led the agency’s tremendous growth to more than 2,500 employees and a budget of more than $400 million.

Prior to joining LSF, Sam served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Lutheran Social Services of the South (LSSS) in Austin, Texas.  Under his leadership LSSS became the largest provider of children’s residential services in Texas. Sam also was instrumental in expanding residential and non-residential services to senior citizens along with disaster response efforts across Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In 2005, Sam was among the key leaders that helped organize and manage the regional and national response to Hurricane Katrina.

Sam has served on numerous boards including the Council on Accreditation of Child and Family Services, the Florida Coalition for Children, and Lutheran Services in America. He was a member of the Florida Faith-Based and Community-Based Advisory Council to identify ways to deliver services more effectively. Sam received both a Master of Science in Social Work and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin.

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