In the Ring Season 2 Episode 9: Moving from I/Me/Mine to We/Us/Ours with Mike Victorson

Published Dec 20, 2023
By: LSS Staff

Héctor Colón concludes season two with M3 Insurance CEO Mike Victorson 

Mike Victorson
CEO, M3 Insurance

Mike Victorson is the chief executive officer (CEO) of M3 Insurance, responsible for the strategic direction and vision of the agency, identifying opportunities for growth and innovation, cultivating organizational culture, and serving the community. Victorson serves on the M3 Insurance Board of Directors and is a member of M3’s Executive Operating Committee.

Mike earned degree in political science and speech communication from Augustana College. He joined M3 in 1992 and learned business through a variety of roles in customer service, sales, and sales management. Mike served as vice president of M3’s employee benefits division from 1999-2003 when he advanced to president of M3. Mike was named CEO of M3 in 2005.


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