In The Ring Season 2, Episode 4: Making Health Insurance an “Honest Business”

Published Jun 21, 2023
By: LSS Staff

Héctor Colón speaks with Common Ground Healthcare CEO Cathy Mahaffey in episode four of our second season.


Cathy Mahaffey
CEO, Common Ground Healthcare

Cathy Mahaffey is a 25-year veteran of the health insurance industry, starting her career in insurance service and sales. Shortly into her career, Cathy found her passion working in the non-profit insurance sector for a health insurance cooperative. She went on to start her own insurance agency and consulting business, and helped found the Farmers’ Health Cooperative of Wisconsin, a nonprofit that was successful in helping thousands of Wisconsin farmers gain access to higher quality health insurance coverage.

Cathy was instrumental in getting CGHC off the ground in 2012, helping to pen the business plan and loan application that secured the funding to start the cooperative. She was appointed CEO in 2014 after serving as the cooperative’s first Chief Operating Officer during its start-up phase.


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