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Where troubled youth change their lives

The history of Homme Youth and Family Program dates back to 1882 when Pastor E.J. Homme opened a home for orphaned children in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. These deep roots of care from Homme serve as the roots for all of Lutheran Social Services (LSS) services for the past 100 years. LSS continues to treat all troubled youth who walk through our doors throughout Wisconsin and Michigan as infinitely valuable individuals.

Today, Homme’s residential treatment center continues to welcome and serve youth who are troubled, traumatized and emotionally scarred – and in danger of developing even more serious issues. We welcome them with care, compassion and a promise to help them change their lives.

Serving troubled children and adolescents at Homme

Our nationally known treatment program serves children and adolescents who are dealing with issues of sexual perpetration, delinquency, victimization, alcohol and drug abuse, cognitive behavioral issues or dual diagnosis, and independent living support. 

Our residential treatment center campus rests on more than 200 acres of woods, hills, streams and ponds in Wittenberg, which is located in Shawano County in central Wisconsin. Here, we value family involvement, and offer on-campus housing and transportation assistance for family visits.

The admissions process begins with a referral and a pre-placement interview, which is essential to determining how an individualized treatment program can best meet the needs of each child.

Why choose Homme for residential treatment services

Trusting Homme for treatment services is the right choice for many reasons. Our deep history in youth services and excellent programming help to turn lives around and heal families in our care. We strive to wrap ourselves around the youth and family we serve to enable the family to make healthy choices.

The professionals at Homme serve children and adolescents, both males and females age 10 to 21. Homme residents who are age 18 and older must be here on a juvenile court order. Our LSS staff help our residents learn to cope with and recover from a variety of issues, including the following:

  • History of trauma 

  • Sexual perpetration 

  • Sexually reactive behavior 

  • Sexually reactive behavior related to trafficking 

  • Alcohol and drug abuse 
  • Delinquency

  • Victimization

  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Dual diagnoses

Services at Homme include:

  • Wraparound care
  • Sight-and-sound supervision 

  • Trauma-sensitive care 

  • Evidence-based practices, including Brainspotting and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

  • Aggression Replacement Training 

  • Spiritual care
  • Transportation for home visits
  • Medication management
  • Case management services
  • Psychiatric services

  • Fully accredited, on-campus school 

  • High school credit recovery program 

  • Onsite alternative programming for acting-out youth 

  • Indoor and outdoor recreation 

  • Beautiful, rural grounds 

Short-term care also provided at Homme

Homme staff also collaborates with other agencies to provide short-term care to youth while other agencies arrange for community-based placement. We provide 60-day and 90-day programming to be used in conjunction with intensive aftercare.

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