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Dodge County Group Home

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Lutheran Social Services (LSS) operates the Dodge County Group Home, which is a community-based youth shelter and respite-care facility located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. LSS staff work with local youth at the group home offering compassion and respect to make a positive difference in the lives of the children and families we serve.

The Dodge County Group Home is an 8-bed facility that offers short- and long-term care and respite services to male and female children and youth ages 10 to 17. We provide care in a structured environment that is safe and encourages independent-living skills. Our staff serves as positive role models to our residents and work to facilitate positive group interactions and outcomes. All placements are court ordered.

Who we serve at the youth shelter

At the group home, LSS staff provides services to children and youth who come to our facility due to delinquent or corrections situations, children in need of protection, and/or children who are experiencing emotional or behavioral disorders. All placements at the Dodge County Group Home are expected to follow a behavior-modification system that serves to create the ideal shelter environment.

Short-term care for residents at the home typically results in a stay under 30 days, non-secure residential care and physical custody of children pending court action. Respite care means voluntary temporary care for a youth, usually on behalf of a parent or regular caregiver for the purpose of providing relief.

Short-term and respite services for youth in Dodge County

The Dodge County Group Home provides shelter and services to children and youth in need of short-term and/or respite care with a physically and psychologically safe environment. Residents receive individual bedrooms if required by order and/or if our census allows. The services we provide are flexible and responsive to the individual needs of the residents and their families. We honor ethnic, cultural, spiritual and geographical differences, and offer individualized services to meet the needs of the residents and their families. 

A daily schedule is outlined for all placements at the home that incorporates attendance at a community-based school (when possible), independent-living skills, nutrition, healthy leisure and recreation options, study time, structured activities and community outings. 

Currently six beds are designated for Dodge County youth and two beds are designated for out-of-county youth (non-Dodge County). Because out-of-county youth rarely attend school (unless the placing county provides transportation), our staff works with the youth to provide daily scheduled programming and educational needs.

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