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Removing Barriers, Moving Forward

Rosetta's Story

With a heavy sigh, Rosetta slowly wheeled her oxygen tank as she attempted a rare trip out of her apartment with her daughter andgrandson. When she lit her first cigarette at the age of 16, she never thought of how its effects, including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), would change her life later. Simply walking around had become a struggle she faced daily. But this particular outing would prove to be a step toward a happier life for Rosetta. A sign for the Department of Aging caught her grandson’s eye, and he said, “Hey, Granny, you should contact them to see if they can help you.” Since she was now over the age of 60, Rosetta called. After speaking with the Department of Aging staff, they determined she was eligible for assistance and could benefit from IRIS services. Soon she was connected with Jodi, a consultant with Connections, LSS’s IRIS program (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct), who conducted an assessment and worked with Rosetta to set up a plan. “Everything is going to be OK,” Jodi said to Rosetta during that first visit.

Rosetta desperately wanted a mobility chair to help her not only move around her apartment with ease but to also get back out into the community she loved. Four times her requests
for a chair were denied. And after every denial, Jodi was there reassuring Rosetta that “everything is going to be OK.” With encouragement from Jodi and help from the Accessibility team and her primary doctor, Rosetta made one more request for a mobility chair. When the phone rang, she was certain it was the same bad news she heard before. But when the man on the other end of the phone asked if he could drop off Rosetta’s new chair on Friday, she thought she was dreaming. Rosetta’s request was approved!

“The first person I called when I found out I was getting my chair was Jodi,” Rosetta recalls. “She always told me, ‘Everything is going to be OK,’ and now it really was!”

With the help of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Rosetta, who once thought she would rarely ever leave her apartment again, was able to move forward
with her life.

LSS is Strengthening Families, Healing Communities, and Creating Avenues for Belonging. 

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Response Fund Waukesha

Those with substance use disorder facing challenges amid virus; Lutheran Social Services asking for monetary donations, face masks .

Never Too Late: Rick's Redemption

LSS helped Rick overcome its drug and alcohol addictions to become a functioning member of his community.


Héctor Colón, President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan was named finalist for 2019 BizTimes Nonprofit Excellence Awards.

A Gift of Love For Homme and Visions School

For more than 20 years, Carrie Stockbridge brought her love of teaching to Visions, the on-campus school at Homme Youth and Family Programs in Wittenberg, WI. Carrie passed away in summer 2016, but through the Carolyn J. Stockbridge Fund for Homme Staff Development, her commitment to the mission of Homme and Visions lives on.

UMOS Award

Héctor Colón, President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan was named 2019 Hispanic Man of the Year by UMOS.

LSS Disaster Services Helps Rebuild Homes and Hope

Learn how LSS helped families in southern Wisconsin rebuild after record flooding in 2018.

Clubhouse Provides Meaningful Work to Those Living With Mental Illness

Learn about Spring City Corner Clubhouse, a LSS daytime drop-in center in Waukesha offering a safe environment for those living with a mental illness.

Breaking Free from the Prison of Addiction

Learn how Jim used the services and support at the Cephas House in Waukesha, Wisconsin to get his life back on track.

A Good Drive

The Make the Ride Happen program provides transportation to those who need it in Northeast Wisconsin. Read how one volunteer, Russ Van Straten, makes a difference.

Living a Full Life with Connections

With the help of LSS Connections, Tyler Fech has accomplished a lot in his 18 years. Learn about his accomplishments.

A New Home, and a Changed Life

LSS staff members helped Doug get on his feet with a one bedroom apartment and medical assistance.

Damarlo Breaks Free From His Past

Homme, a LSS residence aimed at helping individuals overcome their struggles, helped Damario break free from his troubled past. Learn more.

Ciara's Story

Ciara thought no one wanted her - until Greg and Joelle Scheithauer asked her to be their daughter. With the help of LSS, they are now a forever family.

Samuel: Against the Odds

Samuel, born with a rare genetic condition, beat the odds with the help of the LSS Birth to Three program. Learn more.

Living Independently With a Disability

Cole is in his 30s and he’s living on his own for the very first time. He takes the bus, has a job and leads a full and active life in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Watch his story.

Meet John Howman

Meet John Howman, the LSS Board of Directors chairman.

Max Continues to Reach His Milestones

LSS helped Max, a boy with autism, reach key milestones, including attending a public high school and even joining the school's basketball team.

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