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Making our Voices Heard

We're engaged in advocacy as an organization in many ways:

  • Supporting specific pieces of legislation that will positively impact one or more of our programs
  • Speaking out against legislation that would harm our clients or organizations 
  • Traveling to Madison or other locations to attend meetings to visit with elected officials
  • Inviting members of Congress and state legislators to visit our program sites

As great as these efforts are, there are many more opportunities for us to be engaged in advocacy to support new and different strategies that will impact our everyday work and the lives of our clients. There are also many ways we can all work together in advocating for policies that help people improve the quality of their lives while giving us an opportunity to change the world one grace-filled life at a time. 

The States of Wisconsin and Michigan are facing significant fiscal challenges in the coming years, challenges that have already, and will continue to, influence our operations and the people we serve. Our goal is to be identified as the provider of choice and resource of choice for decision-makers at the federal, state and local levels in the two-state area. We also strive for staff and supporter involvement in advocacy efforts, a collective chorus lifting up the mission, vision and impact of our programs and services.

We welcome the involvement of ALL our supporters in our endeavor to ensure key decision makers are familiar with our programs and services and their impact on the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities across Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

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