Co-Sponsorship & Volunteer

LSS is right now moving several refugee and Afghan evacuees into their new homes!

Thank you to all who have stepped up to help with locating apartments and homes, moving heavy furniture, cleaning and setting up household items and more.

We have been at the forefront for 40 years supporting refugees during humanitarian crises, such as the one that has unfolded in Afghanistan. As we continue to serve for at least the next  40 years we thank you.

Your immediate help is needed

Your support today will allow LSS to create belonging and empower independence for individuals and families who were forced to flee their homeland because of war and persecution. In fact, many Afghan evacuees who are now in the U.S. seeking resettlement include courageous people who have risked their lives to support U.S. interests for nearly 20 years.

The more dollars we raise the more people LSS can serve. Please click the donate button on this page to make an online gift or text LSSREFUGEE to 41444 using your mobile phone. We also need Co-Sponsor groups, in-kind donations and volunteers


We are in great need of churches and other community groups to co-sponsor refugees and are collecting interest now. Information meetings are held via zoom every Tuesday. If your team is not able to attend a Tuesday meeting, please email

The goal of co-sponsorship is to resettle refugees into their permanent home as quickly as possible. This is different from being a temporary guest in someone’s home. When refugees (including Afghan evacuees) arrive at LSS, the Refugee Resettlement team will prioritize the needs of each individual and family to determine the best fit for co-sponsoring groups.

The team then matches co-sponsors with the people needing support and will work with them to determine their level of involvement. Co-sponsors help with activities included but not limited to: furnishing apartments, scheduled check-ins to ensure needs are met and serving as a cultural navigator to help create a sense of belonging for newly arrived refugees. Securing sustainable employment for refugees is an important part of resettlement and the LSS team will work with both co-sponsors and refugees to find an appropriate job placement.

Full co-sponsorship includes providing financial assistance for the support of a refugee individual or family. (Please see the question below.) Training is provided. If your organization is interested in co-sponsorship, please contact Sarah at If you would like to join in with another group who is also co-sponsoring, let Sarah know of that interest.

Volunteer Information 

LSS Refugee holds Volunteer Information Sessions every 1st and 3rd Thursday via Zoom.  This one-hour session will give an overview of the refugee process to Milwaukee and how a volunteer can help LSS Refugee staff support refugees so they get the best start possible in their new home.

We are so grateful to everyone who has expressed interest in volunteering. All of our volunteer slots in Madison have been filled, but we are accepting new volunteers in the Milwaukee office. If you are interested, call 414.246.2517.

In-Kind Donations 

If you wish to make an in-kind donation, we accept new or very gently used clothing and household items. Refugees who arrive in Wisconsin are most in need of coats and boots (sizes for adults and children are appreciated). To schedule a donation drop-off, call:

We also ask for your prayers as we work through these challenging times together. With your support, we know that love and human dignity will prevail.