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  • Compassion – $25,000 (event entrance for 16 plus social media, media mention, event signage, mention from podium, website, table recognition)
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  • Empathy – $15,000 (event entrance for 12 plus social media, media mention, event signage, mention from podium, table recognition)
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  • Kindness – $10,000 (event entrance for 8 plus social media, event signage, mention from podium. Table recognition)
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  • Stewardship – $5,000 (event entrance for 8 plus event signage, table recognition)
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  • Building Communities – $2,500 (event entrance for 4 plus table recognition)
    • $2,100 tax deductible

LSS Partners Circle Organizations – please consider a special 140th Anniversary tax-deductible Event Sponsorship to be added to your 2022 Partners Circle contribution.


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The LSS Caregiver Hero Award in Honor of Marty Schreiber recognizes one or more caregivers of persons living with chronic disease or persistent cognitive or physical illness. Award recipients demonstrate one or more of the LSS values of Compassion, Courage, Co-Creation and Change.

The award is inspired by the former Governor of Wisconsin’s selfless determination to navigate and teach the ways of honoring a loved one with Alzheimer’s while also coping and surviving as a caregiver. Mr. Schreiber was designated a LSS Caregiver Hero in 2019 by LSS after the release of his first book, My Two Elaines. His literary work grew out of over 300 presentations (and counting), which builds upon his legacy of work on behalf of older adults. As Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Marty led reforms for nursing home care oversight and helped develop Wisconsin’s in-home Community Care Organization. In 2015, he collaborated with the State of Wisconsin and business groups to create the online Dementia-Friendly Employers Toolkit, which is now used by HR departments and employee assistance programs.

Sadly, Marty’s beloved wife Elaine passed away in 2022 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease which progressed over the years beginning in 2005. Marty and Elaine’s story of unconditional love, learning and tremendous growth has empowered thousands of caregivers across the country to better understand the disease and find the empathy necessary to care for their loved ones as well as themselves.

“The LSS Caregiver Hero Award in honor of Marty Schreiber will forever stand in tribute of how Marty has exuded compassion for his wife — loving and accepting that Elaine was no longer the woman he met in Latin class at Lutheran High School,” says Héctor Colón, President and CEO of LSS. “Marty found the courage to ask for help. He embraced the change that comes with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and continues to be a leader, co-creating awareness for families and organizations caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease.”

The LSS Caregiver Hero Award in Honor of Marty Schreiber is presented annually in November during National Family Caregiver’s Month.

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