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Tyler & Courtney

Tyler: 33 Years Old
Courtney: 32 Years Old

Years Married:
7 years

We have one daughter who is adopted, Evelyn, age 2 1/2.

Pets and Names:
We have two dogs, Prince (10 years) and Duke (3 years)


Connect with Family

Dear Birth Parent,

Hi! We are Tyler & Courtney and want to say thanks for learning about us. We can’t wait to meet you and learn your story.

A little about us: We have been married 7 yrs (together 10 yrs). We have an adopted daughter, Evelyn, who is 2 yrs old and 2 dogs, Prince (10 yrs.), Duke (3 yrs). Tyler and Courtney both work for Tyler’s family business. Courtney does bookkeeping and Tyler is in management. Tyler is a jack of many trades, from woodworking to plumbing, he can fix/build anything. Courtney is great in the kitchen even though she is a picky eater. Evelyn loves helping with everything and playing with babies, but she is a true daddy’s girl. We love the outdoors (i.e. camping, hiking, snowshoeing, yard games). We like to travel as much as we can. No matter what we are doing there is sure to be some kind of joking/teasing & healthy competition going on.

We have been looking forward to growing our family since we got married. Having a child of our own just wasn’t in our cards, but families aren’t just made up of biological connections. They are made through love, trust, pain, joy, and everything in between. Our friends and family mean the world and we want to share that world with you and your child in every way we can!

We hope this has given you some insight into us and our lives. Thank you again for taking time to hear a little of our story. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers no matter where life takes you.

Hope to meet you soon!!

Tyler & Courtney 

Learn More About Tyler & Courtney

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 Child Care Plans

Tyler will take a week off and Courtney will take 12 weeks off when baby comes. Then the children will go to Courtney's parent's house twice per week and a licensed day care two days per week. 

 Education & Occupations


Some college

Property Manager


Some college

Investment Property Book Keeper

 Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Holidays: We do the Turkey Trot Run/Walk every Thanksgiving morning with Tyler’s family and have a late lunch with Courtney’s extended family. Then we end the evening with dinner at Tyler’s parents, where the entire extended family ends their night too! Christmas Eve we attend church to watch Tyler’s nieces sing and we visit Courtney’s dad’s family that day as well. Christmas day we open gifts at home in the morning, then off to brunch with Tyler’s family, and then ending the night with dinner at Courtney’s mother’s.

Vacations: We love to travel as much as time and money allows! We have a camper we use as often as we can in the summer.

Family Gatherings: We attend an extended family week long cottage trip with Tyler’s family every year in July on Pearl Lake. Family is important to us and we get together whenever everyone has off over the weekend for other holidays.

 Family Favorites
  Tyler Courtney
Book DaVinci Code Fifty Shades Triology 
Color Blue Purple
Food Apple Pie I love carbs!
TV Show Simpsons & Game of Thrones Criminal Minds & Game of Thrones
Hobby Anything related to working with my hands Baking/cooking, crafting & reading
Animal Dog Dog
Game Sheepshead  Washer box & bean bag toss
Season Fall/Winter Fall
 Home & Community

City Type:

Years lived here:
We both have lived in this city since birth, but in our current home for 4 yrs.

Describe the community/Neighborhood:
Our community in full of children. There is an elementary school a few blocks away and two high schools within walking distance of our house as well. There is a rec. soccer field and a major park very close to home, too. Shopping and dining are close by. Courtney’s grandfather lives across the street and has lived in the neighborhood for over 40 yrs.

 Adoption Preferences

Issues We Are Open to Discussing: 

  • Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Alcohol use during pregnancy
  • Drug use during pregnancy
  • Clinical depression in birth parents
  • Mental health issues in birthparents
  • Developmental disabilities in birthparents
  • Conceived through forced intercourse
  • Limited or no information about birthfather


Open Adoption:

  • Ethnicity: Open to any child
  • Ongoing contact: Open to all forms of contact
  • Open to Wisconsin

For more information, contact adoption social worker Tracey Randerson at

6737 W. Washington Street
Suite 2275
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