Tyler and Courtney - PLACED
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Tyler and Courtney - PLACED

For more information, contact: Kimberly Johnson at Kimberly.Johnson@lsswis.org

Family Information

Full Names:  Tyler & Courtney Schwefel                                  

Years Married:  4

Number of Children: None

Religion: Lutheran (WELS)

Child Care Plans:  Courtney plans to stay home for a while then return to work part-time with family for child care.

Pets and Names:  We have two male Weimaraners named Prince and Duke

Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Courtney, 29 years old

Education: Some College/Medical Billing Certificate

Occupation: Part-time Teller

Tyler, 30 years old

Education: Some College

Occupation: Heating and Cooling Technician

Home/Neighborhood/Community: Metro/Suburb/Rural

Years lived here: all our lives

Describe the community/neighborhood: We live near soccer fields, school & a couple of parks.  There are lots of children in the neighborhood and Courtney’s grandparents live across the street.

Other: We have a nice sized back yard and a great wrap around deck that we use for hosting get togethers when the weather allows.


Family Traditions:

Holidays:   Lots & Lots of family time!

Vacations: We try to take one vacation a year, whether it’s a long weekend up north or a week trip to another state to visit friends and family.

Family Gatherings:  Every year Tyler’s mom’s extended family gets together for a week at Pearl Lake in July.  There are about 60 of us for most of the week and it’s always a blast!

Others: We like to travel and get away when time and money allows.  We are outdoors people and try to incorporate that into whatever and wherever we go.

Family Favorites


Adoptive Mother

Adoptive Father


Fifty Shades, Cross-Fire Novels & Water for Elephants

War Books, but would rather play video games


Purple & Bright colors in general

Earth Tones


I LOVE carbs (I.e. pasta & bread)


TV Show:

Criminal Minds & Game of Thrones

NCIS & Game of Thrones


Cooking, Baking & Homemade Projects

Anything that involves working/making things with my hands.


Medium-Large Dogs

Medium-Large Dogs


Game of Things & Battle of the Sexes






Has a passion for meeting new people & learning their stories.

Keeping friends close is very important.


Adoption Preferences

Issues We Are Open to Discussing:

  • Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use during pregnancy – would consider
  • Alcohol use during pregnancy – would consider
  • Clinical depression in birthparents
  • Mental health issues in birthparents
  • Developmental disabilities in birthparents – would consider
  • Conceived through forced intercourse
  • Limited or no information about birthfather
  • Assist birthparents with expenses (as allowed by WI state law) – would consider

Open Adoption:  

  • Ethnicity:  Open to any child
  • Ongoing contact:  Open to all forms of contact
  • Are you open to states other than Wisconsin? No


Birth Parent Letter

Dear Birth Parent,

Hi!  We are Tyler and Courtney and want to say thanks for learning about us.  We can’t wait to meet you and learn your story.

A little about us:  We have been together seven years (married for four years).  We have two dogs, Prince and Duke that keep us on our toes.  Courtney works as a part-time bank teller, while Tyler is a full time heating and cooling technician.  Tyler is a jack of many trades, from woodworking to plumbing; he can fix/build anything.  Courtney is great in the kitchen, even though she is a picky eater.  We love the outdoors (i.e. camping, hiking, snowshoeing, yard games).  No matter what we are doing there is sure to be some kind of joking/teasing going on.

We can’t wait to be parents through open adoption!  We have been looking forward to growing our family since we got married.  Having a child of our own just wasn’t in our cards, but families aren’t just made up of biological connections.  They are made through love, trust, pain, joy, and everything in between.  Our friends and family mean the world to us and we want to share that world with you and your child in every way we can!

We hope this has given you some insight into us and our lives.  Thank you again for taking time to hear a little of our story.  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers no matter where life takes you.

Hope to meet you soon!!

Tyler & Courtney

For more information, contact: Kimberly Johnson at Kimberly.Johnson@lsswis.org

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