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Tony and Lisa

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Family Information

Full Names:Lisa Rene and Anthony John

Number of Years Married: 2 years with many more together

Number of Children:1 son - Mikie

Religion: Southern Baptist and Episcopal

Child Care Plans: Lisa will be a stay at home mom with family for babysitting.

Pets and Names: None currently - last was German shorthaired pointer - Reece

Ethnicity: Lisa - Greek and German and Tony - Italian, Irish, Scottish and English

City Type: Metro

Years lived here: 10 years

Community/Neighborhood: Single family, blue-collar residential neighborhood. Community is stable with families living in homes for long periods.

Holidays: Family gatherings at each others families with lots of presents for kids.

Vacations: Favorite vacation spot - Hawaii but love to travel to see family & friends

Family Gatherings: Family is extremely important on both sides

Others: Camp Mikie - Nieces and nephew extended summer visits!

What is Camp Mikie? Our son passed away and Camp Mikie is a tradition we have with our nieces and nephews who stay with us for 2 - 3 weeks each summer.  We call it Camp Mikie in honor of Mikie (obviously) and because it is meant to be a little summer camp for the kids. They come and we provide a place, time and creative avenue to give back.  Sometimes they buy gift cards and donate to different organizations, sometimes it's just random acts of kindness.

Camp Mikie is also chance for them to have adventures, stay up late, and just be kids! It is a great chance for us to bond with them and for them to get spoiled by their aunt and uncle. The time is about them, they are such an important part of our lives, we cherish this time and plan for 'Camp Mikie' all year. Mikie is such an inspiration to all of us and this is our way to carry his heart and soul on through our nieces and nephews.

Others: See more pictures of us and our life at our website.  

Family Favorites


  Adoptive Mother Adoptive Father

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Tom Sawyer
Color: Pink Green
Food: Sushi Pizza
TV Show: Person of Interest Justified
Hobby: Gardening Home Improvements
Animal: Horse


Game: Euchre


Season: Summer



Adoption Preferences

Ethnicity: Open to any child

Ongoing contact - Open Adoption:Open to all forms of contact; Open to all forms of contact

We are Open to Discussing: Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, Drug use during pregnancy, Alcohol use during pregnancy, Clinical depression in birthparents, Mental health issues in birthparents, Developmental disabilities in birthparents, Conceived through forced intercourse, Conceived through incest, Limited or no information about birthfather, Assist birthparents with expenses (as allowed by WI state law).

Location of Birthparents: We are open to a birthparent in Wisconsin and other states

Dear BirthParent,

Thank you so much for taking the time to look over our letter to you. We both know first hand what selfless acts parents make everyday for their children and beginning such a journey has to be one of the hardest things you will ever do. We’re thankful you’re considering us and so hopeful of the opportunities ahead.

We were married on the The 4th of July 2010 but have been together and in love for much longer. If you read more about our family you will certainly hear more about Lisa’s son Mikie. Mikie was born on Christmas Day 1989 and sadly passed away at just 15 years old after a long medical struggle. Mikie enriched our lives greatly and confirmed the importance of raising children. We have tried for several years to become pregnant. With Lisa having been adopted herself, we have always discussed the blessing that adoption would bring to our family.

Tony graduated from UW - Platteville and received his Masters Degree from the University of Arizona. Tony has been a Police Officer for the past Fourteen years. Lisa was working towards her bachelor’s degree at the University of Louisville when she was blessed with Mikie. For the past five years she has pursued her passion for photography and owns her own successful small business. We are best friends, and spending time together is one of our favorite things to do. We also love to travel, whether just visiting family, friends, or on vacation. We live in Madison and love the opportunities here for families. We feel it is so important to raise our children in a community that is safe, but also one that has everything that Madison has to offer, like parks, diversity, good schools and close to Family & Friends.

We are so excited about the opportunities for what an open adoption will provide. We both feel so strongly that our children should be surrounded with as much love and support as possible. Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little about our family. We know how hard the choices ahead will be you. We look forward to any opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

Our Love, Lisa & Tony 


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