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Tim and Shari


For more information, contact their LSS adoption social worker, Kristin Roovers at

Family Information

Tim and Shari

Married: 18 years

Children: none

Religion:  Lutheran

Child Care Plans: Our current plans are for Shari to stay at home from work for 6 weeks, immediately when the child is in our care. Tim plans to be home for two weeks. Once Shari’s leave from work has expired, then the child will have daycare provided by a licensed provider who is a long time member of Tim’s church.  We know and trust her deeply. 

Pets and Names:  Two labradoodle dogs; an 11 year old named Magi and year old named Simon

Ethnicity:  Caucasian



Tim, 45 years old

Education: Masters in Divinity,  Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Mn

Occupation: Pastor

Shari, 45 years old

Education: Masters in Divinity, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Mn.

Occupation:  Pastor



Home/Community/Neighborhood:  We have lived in our charming 3 bedroom ranch style condominium for 13 years.  Our home is located close to parks and we walk our dogs there on outings.  It has a large grass yard, perfect for a swing set or running and playing.   We often see other children in the neighborhood playing outside together.  It’s a friendly environment and neighbors get together for tailgating football games and other fun barbecue events.

Holidays/traditions:  Holidays are so important and special to us.  We celebrate these occasions in a unique way.  We are both pastors and have the privilege of leading others in worship for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  We spend our holidays with a large church family and community.  We are honored to be a part of the festivities in the lives of so many people.   After services, we find the time to relax and celebrate with one another as a family.  We have our own fun tradition of pizza and presents!  As a couple, we open our gifts and cards.  Then, we drive to Minnesota to be with our families. We hope to one day, share the joy of the holidays with a child to love. We also have a summer tradition of camping with Shari’s family in Boundary Waters of Minnesota.  It is a great time for grandparents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews to bond over campfires, hiking, swimming, canoeing, playing and enjoying each other’s company.  We look forward to it every year.


Family Favorites





TV Show:


Amazing Race


ESPN Sports








Activities with our dogs

Reading Japanese Cartoons








Spending time with family & travel

Spending time with family & travel


Adoption Preferences

  • Ethnicity: open to any child
  • Ongoing Contact: Open to all forms of contact, letter and photos, in person visits
  • Open to states other than Wisconsin

Issues we are open to discussing:

  • Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Assist birthparents with expenses (as allowed by Wi state law)


Birthparent Letter

We are Tim and Shari, and we wish you peace as you read our letter. 

We have been happily married for 18 years and believe that lives are precious. There is always hope in every situation, in our lives and yours. We always knew that we wanted to raise a family, but never anticipated that we could not have children on our own. After several years of infertility treatments, we knew that God had closed that door in order to lead us down the road of adoption. We pray that God will write our story as adoptive parents. Our story will intertwine with yours as the child’s birthparent and as an important part of his or her life.

We are both pastors and that means we share God’s love and serve others. In our spare time we enjoy being outside camping, hiking, cheering on our favorite sports teams, having fun and spending time with family and traveling. It is our greatest desire to share our interests and adventures with our future child.  We look forward to watching and supporting a child as he or she develops their own interests and hobbies as well. 

We both grew up in loving homes with parents that have exhibited the kind of love and upbringing that we hope to replicate in our own family life. We have a labradoodle dog named Magi that is friendly and playful. We recently added a precious puppy, Simon, to our family as well.  Shari enjoys participating in dog sports with Magi and is currently training our newest family member to join the fun. She is also involved in therapy dog volunteering. Shari brings love, joy, peace and hope into our marriage and home.

Tim enjoys watching sports and he’s most looking forward to coaching or supporting a child of his own. He finds relaxation in reading and especially enjoys Japanese comics.  He has a playful personality and has the ability to talk to anyone.  Tim has served as a chaplain for the US Army Reserves.  He has completed his time of service and is now a veteran. Tim is a man of deep faith and brings wisdom and stability into our marriage and home. 

We look forward to meeting you and seeing how the Lord continues to work in your life and ours.


For more information, contact their LSS adoption social worker, Kristin Roovers at

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