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Tim and Kim

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Family Information

Full Names: Timothy John & Kimberly Lynne

Number of Years Married: 3

Number of Children age(s): 0

Religion: Christian - Protestant

Child Care Plans: Kim will take off 8 -12 weeks, Tim will take off 2 weeks.  Kim will be able to adjust her work schedule so she can have more free time; ability to have mornings home and summers off.  When Kim & Tim are at work baby will go daycare.

Pets and Names: Precious (cat)

Ethnicity: Kim (German, English, Irish)    Tim (Irish, German, Czech)

City Type: Small Town, close to bigger metro area

Years lived here: Kim – 10+ years  Tim - 4 years

Community/Neighborhood: We live in a nice family neighborhood, with a lot of children.  We are close to parks and nature trails.  Our community also has a good school system and we are very close to larger communities that provide many great activities for children.

Holidays: Holidays are one of our favorite times of the year; we both love our times at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.   We look forward to our times spend with our extended families.  We have started some great family holiday traditions of cooking home cooked meals, getting our Christmas tree from a local tree farm, stuffing stockings and Easter egg huts with both families.  We are looking forward to welcoming a child into our family and creating new traditions.


Vacations: We both really like to travel and take small family trips with both extended families each summer. We also spend a lot of time at our family cabin through the year; it is one of our favorite places to be, we enjoy hiking, boating, fishing and sitting around our camp fire.

Family: Family is important to both of us, we spend as much time as possible with both extended families, but we also enjoy quite times spent with each other.  Our extended families live close so we take frequent weekend trips to see them.  We try to celebrate, birthdays, anniversaries and family holidays together as much as possible.

Others:See more family memories and photos of our life together at:

Family Favorites

  Adoptive Mother Adoptive Father

Where the Red Fern Grows &

Make Way for Ducklings – favorite children’s book
Band of Brothers
Color: Yellow Green
Food: Italian, Mexican, Pizza, burgers Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Pizza
TV Show: ER / Mike & Molly MASH / Law & Order
Hobby: Reading, gardening, biking, walking, sewing, fishing, boating, watching sporting events Walking, golfing, biking, reading, yard work, fishing, boating, watching sporting events – especially the Badgers / Packers / Brewers
Animal: Horses, dogs, cats Dogs, cats
Game: Pictinoary, Scrabble, Cribbage Monopoly, Scrabble, Cribbage
Season: Spring / Fall Fall


Adoption Preferences

Ethnicity: Open to any child

Ongoing contact - Open Adoption: Open to all forms of contact; Open to all forms of contact / Letter and Photos / In-Person Visits

We are Open to Discussing: Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, Drug use during pregnancy, Alcohol use during pregnancy, Clinical depression in birthparents, Mental health issues in birthparents, Conceived through forced intercourse, Conceived through incest, Limited or no information about birthfather, Assist birthparents with expenses (as allowed by WI state law)

Location of Birthparents:We are open to a birthparent in Wisconsin and other states

Dear BirthParent,

Hi!  We are Tim and Kim.  We have been married for 3 years, but it seems so much longer than that because of the deep love and respect that we have developed for each other in this short amount of time.  During our time together we have so looked forward to being able to share the joy of parenthood and bring children into our lives.  After many struggles and three miscarriages we learned that having a child of our own was not possible.  This path has lead us to choose adoption.  We have learned so much about each other on this journey and we are so excited to have the opportunity to travel the road to parenthood through open adoption.  What a wonderful way to create a family.

Tim believes that Kim is the most loving and caring wife any man could ever find.   He says, “Seeing Kim interact with athletes and others at her job, shows him how much she cares and goes out of her way to help others.”   Her love and devotion to him makes him feel like he is the luckiest man alive!

Kim feels that she is so lucky to have found her best friend in Tim.  She says. “He is the most wonderful, warm hearted and loving man I know; I could not imagine my life without him.  He is the man that I was meant to find and marry.”  Each day spent with him shows her how much it is possible to love another person.

We hope that this letter gives you and idea of who we are as a couple. Our promise is that we will share the love we have with each other with your child to create a home filled with love and joy.  They will always know where they came from and the journey they took to be loved by the two of us.  We feel that adding a child to our lives would be such a blessing and being parents would be one of life’s greatest gifts that we could experience.

Tim and Kim

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