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Ron and Sue


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Family Information

Full Names: Ron Hampel, Age: 44

Education: Bachelor of Arts-Computer Science

Occupation: Facilities Maintenance Specialist

Sue Hampel, Age: 47

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration-Finance

Occupation: Guaranty Financial Services Supervisor

Number of Years Married: 7

Children: None

Religion: Lutheran

Child Care Plans: For the first couple weeks we plan to both be home full-time. For the next 3-6 months, we plan to have alternating schedules so that one of us is always home. After that, Sue plans to stay home for at least a year or two.

Pets:  Zoey (lab/husky) and Buddie (Quaker parrot)

Ethnicity: Caucasion


Type: Suburb

Years lived here: Sue - 20 years, Ron - Since marriage

Community/Neighborhood: We live in a quiet residential neighborhood bordering a large lake.  We are just blocks from a public beach and walking distance to several parks and playgrounds. At times it seems very rural as we often see deer, sand hill cranes and even foxes roaming the area. But we can be downtown and enjoy all the city has to offer in less than 15 minutes.

Holidays: Holidays are an opportunity for us to spend time with family that we don't get to see as often as we'd like. We usually alternate spending the major holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) between Ron's family and Sue's family. A Christmas tradition we have with Sue's side of the family is to donate to a charity of choice instead of buying presents for everyone in the extended family. Christmas is definitely our favorite holiday and we love being able to help others during the holiday season.

Vacations:  Every year we like to take several small trips (camping, visiting out of town family, week-end getaways). We also take a larger vacation at least every couple of years.  Without a doubt, our favorite vacation spot is Disney World and we can't wait to enjoy that with a child and see it through his/her eyes!

Family Gatherings: Most of Sue's family is out of the area, so we try to have a large family vacation every couple of years with her father, brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews - it's a week of fun in the sun with lots and lots of laughter!

Family Favorites


Adoptive Mother   

Adoptive Father


Too many to list! Anything by Clive Cussler


Red Blue


Chinese Seafood

TV Show:

Criminal Minds NCIS


Reading, DIY crafts Computers, scuba diving


Dog Bird
Game: Scrabble Any computer game


Fall Fall


Adoption Preferences

Issues we are open to discussing: Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, alcohol use during pregnancy, clinical depression in birthparents, mental health issues in birthparents, developmental disabilities in birthparents, conceived through forced intercourse, lmited or no information about birthfather

Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Native American

Ongoing contact: Open to all forms of contact

Location of birth parents: We are open to a birthparent in Wisconsin


Dear BirthParent,

We are Ron and Sue, and we are excited at the chance to share a little bit of ourselves and our lives with you through this letter.  We cannot begin to imagine how difficult taking this path might be for you, and we admire your strength and courage in considering open adoption for your child.

We have been together 11 years (married over 7), and have always known that we wanted to have a family.  When we didn't easily conceive, we knew without a doubt that adoption was the correct route for us to pursue.  Adoption is very familiar and comfortable for us and for our extended families (having several nieces and nephews that were adopted) - and we believe that the most important characteristic of a good family is unconditional love and support. 

We can offer a loving, stable, and nurturing home with two supportive and fun-loving parents, an affectionate dog (lab/husky) and a bird (Quaker parrot).  Ron enjoys computers, scuba diving and home projects. Sue's interests include crafting, reading and bowling. Together we like to spend time enjoying nature (hiking/camping) or bargain hunting for antiques/collectibles.  We also love to travel and explore different areas of the state and country.  We look forward to introducing some of these activities to a child - as well as encouraging whatever individual interests he or she may have. 

We are committed providing the love, structure, and guidance so that your child will be able to realize his or her fullest potential. We will teach your child to value a good education, to work hard, to enjoy life, and to treat others with kindness and respect.

We believe in open adoption and if you chose to place your child with us, we promise that we will do everything to make sure he or she will always know and feel your love.

Best wishes,

Ron & Sue

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