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Phil and Christine

For more information, contact Carrie at Phone: (414) 304-6977 or email:

Family Information

Full Names: Philip Douglas and Christine Ann

Number of Years Married: Married since July 5, 2003

Number of Children age(s): Adopted Beckett from TX who was born September 30, 2010

Religion: Christian

Child Care Plans: Christine will stay home a minimum of 12 weeks and maybe more depending what time of year it is and then child will be with a babysitter or daycare three times a week. Phil will watch the child on Mondays and Wednesdays. As a teacher, Christine has holidays and summers off.

Pets and Names: None yet, but would like a dog

Ethnicity: Caucasian

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City Type: Suburb

Years lived here: Christine grew up here and we’ve had a house here for the past five years

Community/Neighborhood: We live in a suburban town that has at least ten lakes in it so there are many beaches and opportunities to go swimming and boating. Our neighborhood is family oriented and is located near some of the best schools in the state. Our home has a large backyard with a swingset and an awesome deck to entertain and barbeque. There is much land for children to play. All through the subdivision are paved paths for biking and walking. One of three ponds is located in our backyard for fishing, boating, ice skating, etc… The neighborhood has three parks with equipment, tennis courts, soccer fields, and a softball diamond nearby. The subdivision has a tradition of lighting off an impressive fireworks display every Fourth of July. We are close to our neighbors and everyone looks after each other.

Holidays: Holidays are a special time for us, and we see both sides of the family for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as well as other holidays. Christine started traditions by decorating the inside of the house while Phil likes to decorate the outside with lights. Christine also started a tradition by making her famous cut out cookies for each holiday. We love taking Beckett to local holiday parades and parties.

Vacations: We love to travel and take a vacation at least once a year if not more. Some vacations of ours have included Michigan, Minnesota, Hawaii, Florida, Boston, New York, Texas, New Mexico, Martha’s Vineyard, Cayman Islands, Belize, Cozumel, Jamaica to name a few. We can’t wait to take our children to Disney World and other child friendly places in the future!

Family: In our immediate family, we enjoy the simple things such as a good home cooked meal and then a nightly walk around the lake often with a quick stop for Beckett at a local park, beach, or zoo. We are excited to bring another child into our home and extended family.  Our extended family includes four nieces who we enjoy spending time with. Some things we enjoy doing with them include watching their sporting or musical events, playing games, playing outside and goofing around, and discussing current events and books.

Family Favorites

  Adoptive Mother Adoptive Father

“The Little Engine That Could,” anything by Toni Morrison or Mitch Albom such as “Tuesdays with Morrie,” Twilight series, and most classics

Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” The Bible
Color: Blue Blue
Food: Lobster, Steak, Pizza, Barbeque Shrimp, Chinese, Mexican
TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor, American Idol, Friends reruns and The Office The Office, Seinfeld reruns, Any sporting event, especially football
Hobby: Fishing, boating, hiking, x-country skiing, ice skating, yoga, photography, piano, going to music concerts, writing, reading, gardening, home improvement, traveling Fishing, boating, hunting, snorkeling, x-country skiing, downhill skiing, snow mobiling, hiking, rock climbing, home improvement, reading finance publications, traveling
Animal: A cute Yorkie puppy and monkey

Black Lab

Game: Poker, Cranium, Checkers

Sheepshead, Monopoly

Season: Christmas and Summer

Thanksgiving and Fall

Sports: Basketball, tennis, running, volleyball, swimming, yoga

Baseball, softball, basketball, football, golf, tennis and racquetball

Adoption Preferences

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Ongoing contact - Open Adoption: Open to all forms of contact; Letter and Photos / Occasional In-Person Visits

We are Open to Discussing: Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, Conceived through forced intercourse, Limited or no information about birthfather, Assist birthparents with expenses (as allowed by Wisconsin state law)

Location of Birthparents: We are open to a birthparent in Wisconsin and other states.  To learn about all the states we are open to, contact Carrie at Phone: (414) 304-6977 or email:

Dear BirthParent,

While we don’t know you, we already admire you for your love and selflessness in considering an adoption plan for your baby. If you pick us,your baby will be given lots of unconditional love as well as many opportunities throughout life.

We did all we could to have a baby but have decided that finding our baby through adoption is part of God’s plan for us. Adoption is a wonderful opportunity to share our lives and love with a child, which we know for sure because we were blessed by the opportunity to adopt our son Beckett who was born 9/30/10 in Austin, TX. Another baby would bring so much joy and would give Beckett a special sibling bond.

Phil and I met at the zoo in the monkey section to a band ironically called “The Love Monkeys”, and it was love at first sight. We have a very happy marriage built on trust, communication, and honesty; we are each others’ best friends. We enjoy many hobbies and sports together and are both kids at heart who love adventure and fun. We are lucky enough to hold family friendly jobs. Phil’s college degree is in business, and he is a hardware store owner who has flexible hours. I hold a Master’s degree in education and work as a high school English teacher. My knowledge and experience of child development will be an advantage to us in parenting achild.

Our families play a crucial role in our lives. Christine’s parents live on a lake while Phil’s parents live on a dairy farm so our children would have the unique opportunity of enjoying the farm animals as well as the lake creatures. Our backyard has a pond that can be used for fishing, boating, or ice skating. In addition, our neighborhood has three parks and miles of bike paths as well as tennis courts and a softball diamond. We are close to libraries, museums, and festivals.

Our child would know that it was because of your love that he/she was brought into our hearts and home; we are open to staying in touch with you as we feel doing so is beneficial for everyone.


Phil and Christine

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