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Marco and Amy - PLACED


Family Information

Full Names: Marco (41 years of age) and Amy (45 years of age)
Number of Years Married: 9
Number of Children with age(s) and adopted: One daughter, Ana, open domestic adoption, age 7
Religion: Catholic
Marco Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from UW-Green Bay, working on Bilingual Teaching Certification at UW-Oshkosh
Occupation: Bilingual 3rd grade teacher
Amy Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Spanish from Luther College, Master’s Degree in School Psychology from UW-Madison
Occupation: School Psychologist
Child Care Plans: Amy will take extended maternity leave, then Marco will take paternity leave, and his parents will also provide childcare.  Both parents will be at home during the summers and other school breaks.  When the baby is older, he or she will go to the in-home childcare provider who takes care of Ana before and after school. 
Pets and Names: Gunner (Beagle), Bella (Black lab mix), Lily (Tabby cat), Penny (black cat), Larz (guinea pig), and several fish and snails
Ethnicity: Marco is Mexican, Amy is Swedish and German, Ana is Peruvian & Scandinavian
City Type:  Small city
Years lived here: 9
Describe the community/Neighborhood: We live in a five-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch home in a quiet, family neighborhood on the bay of Lake Michigan.  We are the second house from the end of a dead end circle, next to a large park.  In the park, there are playgrounds, concessions, and amusement park rides.  The rides are very reasonable, ranging from 25¢ for the smaller rides to $1.00 for the big roller coaster.  There is an open green space and a Wildlife Sanctuary (free admission) across the street from our house.  We have a pool, tree house, swing set, monkey bars and slide in our fenced in back yard.  Outside of the fence, Marco built a board ramp down to the beach.  We spend as much time outside as possible, swimming, biking, walking, boating, gardening, playing, hiking, and cross country skiing. 
Other: We enjoy spending time with extended family at our family cottage in Door County, WI.  We love going to the beach, getting ice cream cones, hiking and biking in Peninsula State Park, and big bonfires in the backyard!


Family Traditions: 


  • We love to celebrate holidays, including some Mexican holidays, such as Three Kings Day on January 6th.  
  • We usually go out to dinner as a family for Valentine’s Day.  
  • We wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. 
  • April Fools’ Day usually comes and goes without incident at our house. 
  • We always celebrate Easter with extended family.  We love to have Easter egg hunts outside, when the weather allows.  If the weather is not good, we hide the eggs in the house.  We also hide Easter baskets for Ana and her cousins, full of delicious candy (that the adults love too!) 
  • We usually celebrate Mother’s Day with Amy’s family and Mexican Mother’s Day (which is always on May 10th) with Marco’s family. 
  • We always celebrate the 4th of July with extended family.  Sometimes we watch fireworks with Amy’s family, sometimes Marco’s family, sometimes both families together. 
  • Every year, we eat at least two Thanksgiving meals, sometimes more!  We always have one Thanksgiving meal with Marco’s family and one Thanksgiving meal with Amy’s family.  For the past few years, we have gone to the home of Amy’s sister in Chicago and have had another Thanksgiving meal with extended family members.  We definitely love to eat! 
  • We host Marco’s extended family in our home for Christmas each year. It is really fun because everyone sleeps over at our house so we are able to spend a lot of fun time together.  We also celebrate Christmas with Amy’s extended family ever year.  We usually go to Amy’s parents’ house in Madison, WI, but we have also hosted Amy’s family in our home or gone to Amy’s sister’s house in Chicago.  One year, we all went to Walt Disney World and celebrated Christmas there!  Marco & Amy both work for the school district, so we have a nice break at Christmas time which allows us to spend quality time with both of our extended families. 
  • If we are not traveling, we spend New Year’s Eve in Sturgeon Bay with Marco’s family, and we always try to follow the Mexican tradition of eating 12 grapes right after midnight for good luck!

Vacations: We truly enjoy traveling and visiting family and friends.  One of our favorite places to visit is Colorado, where Ana’s birthmother lives. We do our best to drive out there every summer to spend time with her and enjoy the beautiful mountains, rivers and fresh air.  We also drive to Minnesota to visit college friends, Ana’s birth grandparents, half-brother and her birthfather.  Last spring break, we drove to San Antonio to visit Marco’s brother and his wife.  On the way, we visited Marco’s cousin in Oklahoma, and were fortunate to meet Ana’s birth grandmother who lives in Texas.  This past summer, we drove to U.P. Michigan and went camping on the shores of Lake Superior.  One summer, we are hoping to take a family trip to Europe to visit Amy’s best childhood friend who lives in Scotland.

Family Gatherings: We love to host family dinners at our home with extended family pretty much every weekend.  We also invite all extended family, including Ana’s birth families, to Ana’s birthday parties every year.  They are wonderful celebrations, full of laughter, food, family, friends and fun!  The kids swim in the pool, have water balloon tosses, and have fun breaking the piñata made by Marco’s mom each year.

Others: We truly believe in the Mexican saying, “our home is your home” and we keep our home open to all friends and family at all times. We enjoy having friends and family visit us, stay with us, eat and play with us.  We often have people drop by for a short visit and end up staying for a meal or two.  We have many friends from out of town who come to vacation at our home with us every year.  They enjoy peaceful kayak and canoe rides on the lake, walks in the Wildlife Sanctuary, watching the sunset from our back porch, as well as going on the rides at the amusement park next door.

Family Favorites 


Adoptive Mother      

Adoptive Father


The Princess Bride

Green Eggs and Ham






Huevos con chorizo (Eggs with Mexican sausage)

TV Show: 

Switched at Birth



Playing games











Dream Vacation Destination: 




Adoption Preferences

Issues We Are Open to Discussing: 

  • Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use during pregnancy
  • Alcohol use during pregnancy
  • Clinical depression in birthparents
  • Mental health issues in birthparents
  • Developmental disabilities in birthparents
  • Conceived through forced intercourse
  • Conceived through incest
  • Limited or no information about birthfather
  • Assist birthparents with expenses (as allowed by WI state law)

Ethnicity:  Caucasian / Black / Asian / Hispanic / Native American / Open to any child

Ongoing contact: Open to all forms of contact / Letter and Photos / In-Person Visits

Are you open to states other than Wisconsin? Yes


Birthparent Letter


Dear Birthparents,

Hi!  We are Marco, Amy & Ana.  Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us.  We have so much respect for you and your decision to carry your child to term and consider an adoption plan.  We hope you will think of us while you are making this difficult decision.  We are a bilingual, biracial family.  Marco was born and raised in a small town in Chihuahua, México.  Amy was born and raised in Madison, WI.  The summer after Amy graduated from West High School, she went to live in Saltillo, Coahuila, México for an adventurous year. 

We were married on July 23, 2005.  It was an amazing celebration, with everything in Spanish and English.  Several families came up from México to join in on the festivities!

We were not able to get pregnant and were blessed to be chosen to parent our daughter, Ana Lucía, born on July 19, 2007.  After a short stay in bridge care, Ana came home to live with us on August 15, 2007.  Our lives changed instantly.  She has been our life and it has been wonderful.  We have an open adoption with each of Ana’s birthparents and enjoy spending time with each of them and their extended families.  They are all family to us.

We all love each other very much and have so much fun together!  We want so much to add another child to our family.  Ana is especially excited about being a big sister!  We know how incredible it can be to have a sibling to grow up with.  We also remember how great it was to be a kid.  We value family above all else and spend a great deal of time with our large, extended families.  We look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you into our family.  While we believe 100% in open adoption, we understand that not all birthparents choose to continue contact with the adoptive families and that is a decision that we will respect.  We are willing to have any level of openness in our relationship that you are comfortable with.  We know that you will never forget your child and we want to ensure that he or she knows you as much as possible. 

Our promise to you…

We promise to make sure your child knows their adoption story.

We promise you will be the hero of that story.

We promise your child will always know how much you love them.

We promise to love your child unconditionally and to raise them with joy, love, laughter, integrity, learning, responsibility, kindness and caring.

We promise to always talk about you in positive ways and with love. 

We wish you good health and happiness.  We pray that God will bless you and give you peace with your decision.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Much Love, Marco, Amy, and Ana


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