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Chuck and Sara

Family Information

Full Names: Charles Gerard VandeCorput (48 years of age) and Sara Marie Tlachac (38 years of age)

Number of Years Married: 5

Number of Children with age(s) and adopted: none

Religion: Catholic

Child Care Plans: Sara plans on taking 12 weeks off of work, plus off in summers.  Chuck plans on taking 2 weeks off.

Pets and Names: Puff, Pumpkin—beautiful cats

Ethnicity: Chuck—German (according to adoption records), Sara—Belgian, Bohemian

Charles (Chuck) Education: NWTC

Occupation: Truck Driver for local company

Sara Education:  Bachelor of Science—Art Education.  Masters Degree—Leadership

Occupation: Elementary/Middle School Art teacher

City Type: We live in a quiet neighborhood in the city.

Years lived here: 7

Describe the community/neighborhood:  We love our neighborhood with the many families with children and peaceful location it is perfect for raising a family.  We also love that we are close to parks, the library, and other places such as the Children’s museum.

Other: I painted the nursery with a custom mural with birch trees, leaves and a nest.  My Mom made the curtains, and my Dad helped paint the room. We are all ready!

Family Traditions

We love to get together with family and friends.  Chuck and I almost share a birthday—so we like to have a party at our home (I also like to think that I am celebrating school almost being out!).  We also host Thanksgiving at our home for Sara’s side of the family.  We like to say something that we are thankful for, and the guys are excited to have deer hunting upon them.  I have tried to master the turkey and pumpkin pie!

Christmas is always fun because we chop down our own tree on Sara’s parents tree farm.  We wander around looking for a unique tree that I can make fun and funky with ribbon and all the ornaments from the years.  Each year my parents would give me a special ornament—and I hope to do the same for our child!  Hot chocolate follows picking out the tree and maybe a snowshoe trek.

Summer is filled with outdoor activities such as boating with friends, bonfires, ATV riding, biking, and enjoying nature!  Lake Michigan is one of my favorite places to relax.  I also love going to the farmer’s market, and outdoor concerts with friends!

We get together with our nieces and nephews as often as we can to watch them play sports or to go to a scary movie.  They help us to stay young!

Our vacations often are just going “up north” or spending time with friends.  My college roomies get together twice a year for adventures and we have remained close.

Family Favorites 


Adoptive Mother      

Adoptive Father


I love children’s books!  I often use them in my teaching.  Any rhyming book where I can use silly voices is fun.  “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Suess is a favorite to think about life! 

Hunting and Sports related books.


Green apple



 Mexican, homemade bread, cheesy  potatoes, seafood   

 Anything Sara’s mom makes, tuna  casserole, steak, seafood

TV Show: 

Face Off, The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, Modern Family, The Middle

Deadliest Catch, Modern Family, Swamp Loggers, King of Queens,  America’s Got Talent, NFL Football


 Art, Biking, reading, concerts,  gardening, flowers

 ATV riding, hunting, snowmobiling,  comedy shows, Brewer games


My cat, elephant, peacock, baby goats

 My cat, male Lions, grizzly bears


Softball, Volleyball, UNO

 Cribbage, Football




Dream Vacation Destination: 

 Trip around the world!

 Grizzly hunt in Alaska


Adoption Preferences

Issues We Are Open to Discussing:

  • Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy
  • Drug use during pregnancy
  • Alcohol use during pregnancy
  • Clinical depression in birthparents
  • Mental health issues in birthparents
  • Developmental disabilities in birthparents
  • Conceived through forced intercourse
  • Conceived through incest
  • Limited or no information about birthfather
  • Assist birthparents with expenses (as allowed by WI state law)

Ethnicity:   Open to any child
Ongoing contact: Open to all forms of contact
Are you open to states other than Wisconsin? Yes


Birthparent Letter

Dear Birthparents,

We hope that this information will help you reach a tough decision.  Chuck is adopted and knows how it feels to have a closed adoption.  That is why we feel very strongly on the concept of open adoption.  We hope to build a lifelong relationship with you to help our child better understand themselves.  We want them to know that you made this decision out of love.

We have a lot of compassion, laughter and caring to give a child.  We both love people, and love to help others.  Teaching art has been a dream come true, and a great way to use my passion for art and my love of children.  Chuck can’t wait to be a Dad and share his love of the outdoors with him/her.

After a few years of infertility.  We knew in our hearts that adoption was the best choice and our destiny.  Chuck is a big teddy bear who loves time spent with his nieces and nephews.  What makes our relationship special is that he knows all about me and still loves the crazy woman I am!  From singing around the house, to crazy sound effects, to spoiling our “Littles” our cats—our home is full of energy and love.  We hope to make it a wonderful home for our child.

Chuck and Sara


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