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Brent and Molly

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Dear Birth Parent Letter

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Family Information

Full Names: Molly and Brent

Number of Years Married: 10 (2006)

Number of Children with age(s) and adopted: 0


Child Care Plans: When the child comes home Molly will take nine weeks off of school.  After that the child will spend weekdays with our mothers and be at home with Molly during the summer.  

Pets and Names: none (Brent has allergies!)

Ethnicity: Swedish, Bohemian, "American mutt" (Molly); Norwegian, German (Brent)

City Type: Rural

Years Lived Here: 5

Community/Neighborhood: We built our house in 2007 on the family farm where Brent grew up. Deer often stroll through our five-acre yard, stopping to snack on fresh greens in our garden.  Sometimes, when it's too peaceful, we're grateful that we're only five miles off the highway where we can quickly zip back to "civilization." 

Holidays: Holidays in our families are big deals: festive decorations, family everywhere, and loads of great FOOD. 

Vacations: Brent has visited Florida every winter since he was a child and Molly loves escaping Wisconsin snow and joining him.  We both treasure memories of road trips with our families and hope to share our journeys with a child, whether across the country or just across the state.

Family Gatherings: With Brent's parents next door, Molly's five miles away, and all of our siblings nearby, family gatherings are frequent and full of eye-watering, gut-splitting laughter.    

Family Favorites


Adoptive Mother   

Adoptive Father


I love to read and have too many favorites to count

A set of home repair books from my grandfather





anything with cheese


TV Show:

So You Think You Can Dance, How I Met Your Mother

New Girl


crafting, sewing, and trying new recipes

boating and woodworking





Plants vs. Zombies (It's weird, but attacking zombies with vegetables is strangely soothing...)

We both play board and card games and my favorite is Skip-Bo. (On the computer: Peggle)


Spring (when the lilacs bloom)

Fall (when the leaves change)


I love all kinds of music!



Adoption Preferences

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Ongoing contact: Open Adoption. Open to all forms of contact.  We know it's an unconventional way to make a family, but we hope that you'll be part of ours and your child's.  You decide and we'll respect what feels right for you.   

>Location of Birthparents: Open to all states and Wisconsin

Issues We Are Open to Discussing: Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy, Drug use during pregnancy, Alcohol use during pregnancy, Clinical depression in birthparents, Mental health issues in birthparents, Developmental disabilities in birthparents, Conceived through forced intercourse, Conceived through incest, Limited or no information about birthfather

Dear BirthParent,

This is pretty weird, isn't it? I bet none of us had this letter — writing or reading one — in the plans we made for our lives, but here we are. Now we have two photos and three hundred words to convince you that when you deliver your child, you should choose us for his or her parents.  Easy, right?

Let us start by saying that we hate all those letters that sound like cheesy after-school specials.  They sound so phony, like people are writing what they think you want to hear. 

Well, here's the truth: we aren't perfect, and even though we don't know you, we'll guess that you aren't perfect either. We aren't horrible humans; we're just people, like anyone who might someday become parents, with some awesome qualities and some less stellar.

For instance, I talk too much, especially when excited, and I'm awkward meeting new people.  Brent is no writer — which is why you're hearing from me right now — and would rather be subjected to a root canal than read a novel. He's a hands-on guy who always needs a project — building furniture, working on the boat — while I'm happy to spend a relaxing Sunday in my pajamas , grading a few papers before a late afternoon nap. At the same time, I'm wicked book-smart and Brent can build or fix just about anything. We're thoughtful and loving and funny and all sorts of swell adjectives.  But we're not parents, and we'd be damn good ones.  

For all we know, these letters are as difficult for you to read as for us to write. We don't know you, but I think we're all mourning lost dreams for our dreamt-of future families. Brent and I will never have a child who shares our genetics. You're wishing that your circumstances could somehow be different. We're all trying to make the right choices and hoping like hell that we aren't screwing it up. Few understand what we're going through, much less you and us having any clue what it's like for the other. 

What can a few pictures and a handful of words show one person about two others?  Maybe just enough.

~Brent and Molly


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